Saturday, July 09, 2005

Saturday shopping spree

Most of today was spent running around picking up a few items here and there that we needed for the house. Home depot sucked us in and decided we needed to spend money. Next time I will just keep driving and not stop - although we may have to go back for some herb plants that actually looked decent. Kohls was next for us as they had their "big" sale that they seem to have every weekend. Nothing too great, but I did pick up a nice 6 cup muffin tin from Calphalon for $5.

Since we were out for awhile I was looking for something nice, cold and refreshing. Looking at the blender in the corner and seeing what we had in the freezer I made us a Banana, oatmeal and blueberry smoothie. Mmmm - that hit the spot!

If you have bananas that are past their prime and don't feel like making banana bread you can easily store them in the freezer. They freeze great and really thicken up smoothies. Off to plan the menu for the upcoming week!

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