Sunday, July 03, 2005

Nutty Sunday

How do I start the day for Jeff? Its sunday.. you know what that means right?
Mickey Eggs of course!

After preparing the menu for the week we went to our grocery stores this morning and stopped at one of our favorite stores called Trader Joe's. Great prices and some foods that we tend not to be able to find in other places. Somehow these new nuts ended up in my basket - I wonder who put them there? We've never had these before and are looking forward to trying them.

Spike made sure to keep busy (yea... right) while we were out with his new toy seen below. I will have to remember to somehow sneak that into the bag before the next vet visit. I'm sure he would just love that! Hee hee!

Tomorrow we are off to the Food Network's Chocolate Fantasy Challenge at the JW Marriot. Hopefully we will be able to bring back some great pictures - I sure hope that it will be air conditioned. Otherwise there will be a lot of melted chocolate to go around!

This evening we are going to finally catch up and finish the series of Lord of the Rings with Return of the King. Took us long enough!


  1. Oh my goodness...those eggs are adorable!

  2. They are pretty cute - fun to eat too!