Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Mailbag Wednesday

Some great surprises in the mail today! We've been shopping around for a place that would develop some of our digital cameras photographs and finally settled on Costco since we are already members. They were $0.17 a picture with free shipping so we couldnt pass that up. We are quite satisfied with the results! Very clear and crisp printings.

After spying a couple deals at one of the cookbooks I ordered arrived today. Small-Batch Baking has had some good reviews and I am very excited to delve in and see what we can create!

Since I stopped at a local farmers market and found some nice fresh produce this afternoon dinner tonight was Fire-roasted tomato soup with Swiss grilled cheese sandwiches. Very comforting combination. We used asaigo cheese to top off the soup.


  1. Nice blog. I have a blog site too with mostly Italian recipes. How the heck do you get the photos on there? Would appreciate anything you could help me with.
    I'm very new to blogging and haven't quite figured out how to get it looking as nice as yours.


  2. do you like that book? I just ordered it myself and havent received it yet. What are some good recipes?

  3. So far the book is wonderful! All the recipes I've made so far have come out great. There is a lot more to go still though!