Thursday, July 14, 2005

Chicken fingers

Most of the morning was spent cutting up chicken breast that we got for a killer price at Sprouts. It was very fresh and they do not add any "solution" or other funky stuff to it. I think we may have over done it a tad as the freezer sure seems full but hey - it was a good deal!

Repeat night for dinner - we had the sesame chili chicken again. It reheated quite well and the watermelon salsa seemed to keep most of its integrity.

After randomly opening the small-batch baking cookbook again the recipe that displayed itself was "Just plain good cupcakes." Cupcakes huh? Who doesnt like cupcakes! The recipe made 4 normal size cupcakes. It is basically a from scratch yellow cake. The frosting I decided to put on also came from the book. Peanut butter frosting was the name and it is more like a creamy, soft, and spreadable fudge. It is a very tasty combo! The frosting would be great on a chocolate cupcake too. Another winner!


  1. Hi there :) Just had to say that I love your blog. Keep posting and I'll keep reading!