Saturday, July 30, 2005

The weekend is here! Wish I could jump in the pool... that would feel soo good today! Its getting more and more humid outside now. Spent most of the morning running around to pick up a new ceiling fan for the living room. Went to Moon Valley Nursery to grab some supplies for the new lemon and palm trees too.

Last week I mentioned that we couldn't find a local source for instant polenta. I was so surprised when I got the mail yesterday and found this inside!

You guys rock! Thanks Mari K and Debra so much! I will have to go back through the recipes and see what other ones I had that used this!

Starting to get the menu ready for this week - looks great so far with at least a couple new recipes. Going to go sit in the nice AC and watch what Netflix brought to us this week. Tonight's DVD will be Dogma. No idea what this movie is about so should be interesting! Chicken salads for dinner as always. Stay tuned for all the updates this week!


  1. Wow - lemon trees? That would be awesome! All I have are a bunch of fresh herbs...

  2. I love instant polenta. The brand I buy is much yellower than yours looks. It is so quick and perfect for weeknight dinners. Most often I make an Italian sausage, pepper and onion saute with a little tomato sauce to serve over it. How do you plan on using it?

  3. Its our first lemon tree so we have high hopes! It's looking a little sunburned but apparently the nursey said to expect that until the monsoon's hit!

    That sounds good Amy! I have yet to figure out what we are going to do but I cant wait use it up! I am keeping my eyes out for new recipes to try it out and pulled a couple out of the to try pile.