Friday, July 29, 2005

Doc follow-up

I went to see the doctor today for the first follow-up visit after the surgery. He took my stitches out and gave me a different medication to start on. I have two exercises I need to start working on until I see him in 2 weeks. One of them I am suppose to pull my arm over my head.... I kind of laughed when he said that and went yeah right! I will do as he suggested but I don't have to like it!

99 Ranch Market is an ethnic grocer that is right across the street from the orthopedist. I've never been there and since I had some time to kill I went over. The store had so much stuff that I had no idea what it was. I did see some stuff that I've read before in recipes but didnt have a source for them. Some of the more interesting items like chicken feet, pig stomach's, and pig snouts I could have lived without seeing but if you ever happen to need that let me know!

Delving into the unknown for dinner tonight as I made Tabbouleh with Shredded Roast Lamb. I served this salad type dish over a halved pita that was toasted. Bulgur was the main grain and was simply made by adding boiling water then covering for 30 mins. A+ for simplicity! The added herb, lemon juice and olive oil meld with the natural flavor of the bulgur. I will be on the look out for more recipes like this!


  1. Oh,'re killing me!

    Wholefoods, World Market, Trader Joe's and now you say you have access to a 99 Ranch, as well?

    99 Ranch was one of our favorite stores. Ours was housed in an Asian mall...all the shops were Asian...Korean, Chinese, name it. It was fantastic. And we loved to cruise the aisles, picking up things we didn't recognize.'s like you're living my old life. Just promise to think of me when you shop, ok???

  2. This tabbouleh looks great, have you had it with tomato cucumber alittle onion HEAPS of mint and parsley and the same dressing?