Friday, September 09, 2005

Ressurecting an older kitchen toy

I had half a bag of Soba noodles left over from Trader Joe's that I wanted to get used up. Since we had a ton of chicken in the freezer I found a recipe that would them and use up some other leftover veggies too. The dressing makes these noodles come alive with the fresh grated ginger and toasted sesame oil. I grilled up the chicken in the griddler and topped this with coarsley chopped, roasted peanuts. A snap to prepare with a lot of flavor!

Cold Soba Noodles with Turkey(or chicken)CL

Rummaging through the cabinets today I found a fun kitchen item that I have not used for a few years. I love pizzelles and finding the iron gave me the notion to run and get my KA Cookie companion and sure enough they had a recipe! Scanned the list... Score! Happen to have everything on hand to make this one. I found the recipe I used to use but wanted to use a new one. I forgot how easy these were to make. Little fuss for these great tasting crisp italian cookies! Next time, I will have to shape some of them into bowls for ice cream!



  1. I have always wondered what they tasted like. One day I plan to make them. Have a great weekend!

  2. As always, it looks great. I'm curious, do you have a background in photography because your photos are wonderfully composed and always look so professional.

  3. I might have to copy you on that Soba Noodle dish b/c I have some of the same leftovers hanging around.

    The pizelles look wonderful! I've seen Giada make those on her show.

  4. The pizelles look awesome!! I'm drooling. And now a new kitchen toy I have to buy!!!

  5. Got some Soba noodles just waiting for something to do! I've always got some chicken in the freezer...Looks great!

  6. Yikes! Those cookies look fabulous. Now, I wonder if I can do them with gluten-free flour....

    I do so love your site.

  7. I love the cookies, the are so pretty and look so good and crispy!

  8. Michelle - They are a very nice subtle crisp cookie - you can flavor them with anything but we used vanilla!

    Punky - Thanks! We're just amateurs but really enjoy it!

    Beth - the soba dish was really, really good!

    Catesa - Thanks!

    Ruth - I really like the pizzelle make r - I need to find a cone roller to make shells!

    Melissa - Thanks! Do try this one!

    Chloe - Thanks!

    Shauna - I bet you can! Do you have access to something like Bette Hagman's 4 Flour Blend - I think it would work well with that.

    Thanks Ana!