Saturday, September 17, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging 15

Clare at Eat Stuff each weekend hosts an event called Weekend Cat Blogging where cat food bloggers share photos of their kitties! We introduced Miss Kitty a couple weekends ago. Every once in awhile we bring her outside so she can run around and explore the big world of the backyard. Instead, being her lazy self she decided to just sit down and watch the birds!

Weekend breakfast around here usually involves eggs and toast. This morning we went for simplicity with Mickey Eggs and Honey Wheat Black Bread with jam.

Dinner tonight will be the saturday night chicken salads as usual!

Next up from Netflix tonight will be the comedy Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. After the movie I'll be checking out some cookbooks and the stack of untried recipes looking for more new ones. Stay tuned to what we will be up to this week!


  1. Joe, I love your Saturday Night Chicken Salad idea. We're pretty keen on rituals too. We use to do Friday night Pommes Frites, but I phased that out because it seemed excessive. I need another set-but-open-to-variation dinner.

    Enjoy your movie. We rented "Crash".

  2. My Saturday ritual is the Saturday Morning Fritatta ~ its always fun to try and stick to the plan.

  3. Looks like Ms Kitty knows how to enjoy her weekends by watching birds go by.

    Love those mickey eggs, so cute.

  4. shes a sweet little cat! i love the smooth haired black ones they look like little panthers :) how do you make those mickey eggs?? if you have kids they must go crazy for those things!

  5. Hi Joe
    So, how do you make those Mickey Mouse eggs?! I bet my 3-year old would like this a lot, and I may get him to eat some eggs! (I am not a big egg-fan myself....) Could you please share your secret?!?!
    Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog! I loved to see your coment, and also that you liked my idea of the "nutella syrup"! I have to say, that was so good that later that day I made some "nutella hot cocoa" and it was sooo good! (just warmed up some milk with a little nutella, sooo good!)

  6. Wow, I'm wondering what inspired Mickey eggs this morning...was it a Disney movie you saw? Somebody's favorite cartoon character? Very funny. Your kitchen must have been all smiles this morning. I'm jealous of all this pet-blogging....until I move out of the city I will not be able to partake...but some day..I will share my bulldog baby with you all.

  7. I watched Something's Gotta Give the other night ... didn't do anything for me. Two hours of my life I'll never get back...

  8. Love the new look!

  9. Anna - Thanks! I like having something to count on without having to think too much about it.

    Linda - I love fritatta's!

    Boo - Thanks! She's always by the window trying to catch one!

    Catesa - My secret to the mickey eggs? A mickey egg shaped egg ring that we found in Orlando - no secret... sorry!

    Anna - See above! Thanks! I bet the cocoa was wicked good!

    Mona - Someone loves Mickey... as you can see from todays post!

    Trish - thanks for visiting!

    Sweetnicks - yeah it was not fantastic but something to waste time!

    Thanks Crystal!