Saturday, September 10, 2005

Time for refills

After going for a nice bike ride (except for the hilly parts!) it was time for a trip to one of my favorite stores!

I was running low on a couple of our most used spices so I figured we would go and stock up some. I've been to this store I think 4 times now since it opened - the intense aroma when you open the door is almost overwhelming! Our first stop no one was in the store, but this time they had quite a few people coming and going. Some of the items we got were Cocoa - Dutch process, Vietnamese Cinnamon, Ancho Chili powder, Hot Chili powder, and Jerk seasoning.

After we were done there we headed over to a newer Wild Oats Market and just wandered the store. We made sure to spend a few(!) minutes at the chocolate stand (Bulk Valrhona and Callebaut).
9 new recipes were made this week - will be spending sometime tonight going through the stacks to see what will be made this upcoming week. I usually have some ideas going but nothing yet! Dinner tonight is our Saturday Chicken Salads.

Netflix for tonight brings us Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Tomorrow brings shopping for groceries - hopefully I can get my list done early! Stay tuned and see what we will be up to this week!


  1. Wow, I can't imagine going INTO a Penzey's...we order ours online. The closest one is about 4 hours away. I just loooove that Vietnamese cinnamon!

  2. They just opened up a penzeys in MI on the way to my friends house in Ann Arbor. I think Ill stop there. I ordered spices from Spice House, the owners are related to the penzeys, its basically the same stuff. I saw you mention you were from MN. What part? My ex ( of 15yrs) is from Shakopee, we used to go up to the twin cities a lot.

  3. Joe, as much as you bake, you should really try the Penzeys cake spice or better yet the baking spice. I've been using for years and it just adds a certain oomph to anything that calls for cinnamon/nutmeg etc.

  4. I would kill for a local Penzey's! Vietnamese cinnamon is wonderful stuff, can't wait to see what you are going to use it in.

    You know, you've almost got me considering Netflix.

  5. THis is wild. I had never hear of Penzey's before this week. And now I'm seeing it everywhere! And you have an entire store? I'm dying to try it.

    What is this Vietnamese cinnamon stuff? The sound of it is driving me mad!

  6. Crystal - I used to order on-line too - but now that one is fairly close... its dangerous!

    Randi - Too cool! We lived in Minneapolis for awhile, then farmington and apple valley! Pretty close!

    AK - Thanks! I'll check that out next time.

    S'kat - its the only kind we get - it is so good.

    Shauna - This cinnamon is very intense and has a strong flavor with a pretty sweet taste. They recommend only using 2/3rds of what the recipe calls for - but we like it full strength. It is very high grade for cinnamon - around 6% oil I think.

  7. Oh bulk Valrhona, how I miss you. A local merchant here appears to have the exclusive licence and a few years ago, they stopped importing the large 5kg bags of the little cupcakey Valrhona. I snapped up the last 2 bags but it has been a long long time. The other day, I was cleaning out the cupboard where I stored it and a chocolate rolled out. Such memories!