Friday, September 02, 2005

Snow in phoenix!

*Looking for the Doughnut Cookie recipe? Scroll down just a little.

Well... snow-peas that is! Peanutty Noodles(CL) was our dinner tonight. Lots of snow peas, carrots, chicken and fettucini with a spicy peanut sauce is a definite repeater for us. This was suppose to be a side dish, but I added more veggies and the chicken to turn it into a main dish. Although the recipe ends up using a lot of dishes, I think it was well worth the effort to clean up.

Getting up early in the morning (usually at 4-5am... darn body alarm clock!) allows me to exercise and have some time in the kitchen to play around. I used that time today to make some more muffins. This time it was Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Bran Muffins (Adapated from Epicurious). I wanted to try this recipe because it is a good base for any type of mix-ins you would want to add. Dried fruits or nuts would be great to put in these. They are moist and very tender from the buttermilk. I decided to throw in some dark chocolate chips this time (hey, dark chocolate is good for you - right?!) The recipe called for using raw sugar crystals and I happened to buy some on a whim not too long ago. I really liked using the sugar and will use it more often!


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  2. Thanks for the donut cookie recipe, Joe. I love the look of those bran muffins!

  3. Joe-

    What is the exact title of the muffins you made - or do you want to share your recipe with the changes? I looked on Epicurous and couldn't find the recipe. The muffins sound right up my alley :)

  4. Wow..I looked at that picture and I think I need to order pad thai tonight! I love peanut noodles!
    And those muffins look awesome! Bananas and chocolate are a killer combo.

  5. Thanks for that information Jill!

    Nic - Thanks!

    Molli - The exact name is Buttermilk Bran Muffins - I will post the recipe with my changes on it today!

    Thanks Mona!

  6. I don't know if you can get it over there
    but I buy raw caster sugar, and demerera (could be spelt wrong sorry)sugar for other peoples coffee :) it is WAY better not as sweet.

    Those muffins look yummy almost out of the flax seed ones (I froze them) and I so want to make the donut cookies!!!

  7. Mmm.. that looks good. No recipe for the sauce? Bummer ;) I've never tried Thai-style food before.