Sunday, March 26, 2006

Peeking ahead...

This week was a little slower in the kitchen with only 8 new recipes. The ones that stood out the most for us were the Lime-Glazed Cookies and Santa Fe Meat Loaf.

Let's take a peak at one of the ingredients I have planned for later in the week. We planted some lavender a while ago and it has really started to take off. I started to dry some of the blossoms and plan to use them in a sweet recipe later in the week. I'm excited to try this as I have not used them before - the smell is quite intense!

If you fancy some more herb viewing, make sure to check out Kalyn's Kitchen.

The movie last night turned into a much more complex film that I thought it was going to be. While it was a little slow at times, the last half made up for it. It was thrilling - the flashbacks were somewhat hard to follow in the beginning, but it was quite effective once you caught on. Tonight's movie from Netflix is a fun one - the new Chicken Little! I stayed up a little later and got the menu for the week ahead planned out - lots of new stuff again!


  1. Joe, I can't wait to see what you are going to do with your lavendar. It's something I haven't ever cooked with, but I do love the smell. Thanks for mentioning me.

  2. coincidentally, i do have some dried lavender....same as kalyn, cant wait to see what yuo got up ur sleeve..

  3. You always come up with cool things to cook, Joe. I'm sure you'll blow us away with 10 different lavender recipes.
    I've used Herbes de Provence before which have lavender in it (mmm). Perhaps you could make that Provencal herb collection from scratch now that you have lavender.
    I just got some lavendar to plant a couple weeks ago myself. It's currently languishing on the kitchen windowsill as it is still a bit too cold here for it to "take off" like yours

  4. You'll love Chicken Little -- a lot less complicated than Proof.

  5. Kalyn - I put two plants under the bedroom windows - since it is usually windy around here the smell they push into that room is great!

    Foodcrazee - What is your plan for them?

    Thediningdica That is a great idea o make our own spice mix!

    Janice - Yes, it was good!

    Kitchen queen - Good guess, but not quite!

  6. Joe,how lovely to see lavender here. About a month ago I baked a lovely orange, almond and lavender cake. Recipe taken from a beautiful book called 'Crazy Water, pickled lemon'by Diana Henry.

  7. Valentina - that cake sounds great! I will have to look for that book!