Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bringing an Asian flair to meatloaf....

We have made individual meat loaves before, but tonight's version takes on an Asian twist. The recipes also uses another new-to-us ingredient - Water Chestnuts.

In tonight's dinner of Asian-Style Meat Loaves, finely chopped plain rice crackers replace breadcrumbs that are typically used as binder. Mixing ground turkey breast with lean ground pork keeps the these mini loafs from drying out. Water chestnuts bring a crisp texture difference and have a very delicate sweet flavor. Instead of a tomato based product, hoisin sauce is included inside the mix and is also spread on top before baking to turn into a rich dark color. The hoisin also lends some spice and a bit of sweetness. Fresh ginger root also brings a bite to the dish. I served the Toasted Coconut Rice from Tuesday as a side.


  1. I always keep several cans of water chestnuts in the pantry, and use them to add crunch to casseroles. You know that creamed cauliflower dish you made a while back, try adding some diced water chestnuts to it for some cool crunch that doesn't change the flavor of the dish. That meatloaf looks really good-I have a jar of hoisin sauce I haven't used yet. There's an idea.

  2. Thanks for the idea of additing it to that cauliflower dish Cyndi! I will note that if we make it again!