Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Waking up Max....

Tonight's dinner was technically a side dish, but there are lots of times that we just increase the servings a bit and turn it into a main meal instead. We usually do this when the recipe makes a fair amount, so by doing this we can still try the recipe instead of having a ton of leftovers.

Macaroni Salad with Gorgonzola caught my attention as I would have never thought to include some of the ingredients together. The pasta I used was Barilla Plus and found the texture to be very palatable. I was surprised how much I liked the crisp and tart granny smith apples in the salad. Lots of different textures from the smooth dressing, crunchy walnuts and al dente pasta. Chopped arugula lends a peppery bite against the tang from the dressing. Crumbly rich gorgonzola is sprinkled on top and brings sharp bites of flavor throughout. To bulk the dish up a bit, I served it over a bed of tender baby greens.

We had to snap a picture this morning when Max was just waking up and sitting infront of the blinds. He just looked so calm and ready to go back to bed! Somedays I only wish he was this mellow all the time!

Does anyone plan on watching Top Chef tonight on Bravo? I have TiVO set up to record since it doesn't show until 12am here - hopefully it is a bit better than the other reality cooking shows.


  1. Okay, this looks soooo good. Apples, gorgonzola, stop there and I'm in. Add bell peppers and walnuts and it's even better. (We had gorgonzola tonight--a simple salad of sliced tomatoes topped with gorgonzola and balsamic vinegar to go with our steaks.)

  2. This looks very interesting! I bet the apples and gorgonzola was a great combination.
    A great photo of Max, he is a gorgeous dog!

  3. The salad sounds really quite vivacious! Love the shot of sleepy Max!

  4. My Max needs to be woken up too, but he doesn't look quite like that! teehee

  5. Hi Joe, I am a Barilla fan for sure. This seems like a great recipe. Your dog is so beautiful!

  6. Thanks for the tip on Top Chef. I am going to tivo that too.
    Max is a doll.

  7. What a great picture of Max! He's a beautiful dog. Almost as pretty as my Sophie (Biscuit Pup). hehe

  8. I'd been thinking of trying Barilla plus, since it's better for my diet. Glad to hear you thought it was ok. the salad sounds great.

  9. Cyndi - It really was a tasty combo!

    Patti - Thanks!

    s'kat - It worked well for lunch today too!

    cameradawktor - hee hee!

    Gemma - Thanks!

    Jennifer N - It is on several times this week!

    biscuit - Thanks!

    Kalyn - the stats on Barilla plus are pretty good considering how well the texture turns out!