Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Zesty cookies...

I got the baking done for Wednesday Treat Day as usual today. I mentioned on Sunday that we were going to be using Limes in a cookie this time. We used copious amounts of zest and juice to flavor these cookies!

Lime-Glazed Cookies are a simple cookie with few ingredients, but packs a ton of flavor. The soft dough is first formed into a log and then shaped into a long rectanguler brick shape. The dough is a buttery shortbread-like base speckled with lime zest. After a stint in the icebox to firm up, the dough can be easily sliced into cookies which are ready to bake or can be frozen until needed. The crisp cookies are topped with a sweet lime glaze that gently cuts through the richness of the base. A fresh citrus flavor zips around in your mouth that sticks around even after you reach the last bite.

Dinner tonight, Spinach and Fire Roasted Tomato Strata, starts with a layer of chunky fire roasted tomatoes. Sliced sturdy bread is the next layer - I used a country style loaf that was quite dense so it could hold up to the wet ingredients. Another layer of the tomatoes are scattered over, followed by freshly sauteed spinach and garlic. More of the chewy bread is placed on top and an egg/milk mixture is poured over. Topped with a three cheese blend, this is set in the refrigerator to allow the dry bread to soak up the flavorful liquid. After being baked, the top takes on a crusty cheesebread type texture, with a firm egg filling underneath. I may not have drained the tomatoes enough as the first layer of bread was a bit soft, but the flavor was spot on.


  1. love the cookies - anything citrus will do for me...chuckle

    btw, linked ya..

  2. I am a "cookie freak" ... that recipe sounds fab !!! no lime within reach...I tried a lemon adaptation : delicious but I can't wait to make the real version !!!
    the strata is very appetizing too ... :)

  3. Hey, did you hear anna ( cookiemadness) won the million dollar grand prize from Pillsbury bakeoff? I'm in shock!! Time for me to start entering some contests.

  4. The cookies seem a really interesting recipe. I have to give it a go.

  5. I love your blog. I could just read it all day. I love to cook, so this is right up my alley. Thanks!!

  6. Ruth - Thanks!

    Foodcrazee - Thanks! I'll try to set up a link when I do another template update...

    Sab - I bet lemon would be awesome too!

    Randi - Yep, we watched this morning on TV! She looked great!

    Valentina - Thanks!

    Linda - Thank you!