Monday, March 27, 2006

Workin' on some new veggies

Okay, so there are a couple of vegetables that I've steered clear from using in the past as Jeff pronounced them as " I don't like them so don't bother using it." I would usually pass up a recipe or just leave that ingredient out if the dish wouldn't suffer, but tonight we threw caution to the wind and used something on the "don't like" list.

I think he went a little wiggy from the name alone - Arborio Rice, Parmesan, and Green Pea Pancakes. These cakes take a bit of prep work, but they came out very good. Using a hot skillet and a bit of oil creates a crispy crust on the outside. The arborio rice makes these very creamy inside with just enough cheese and fresh flavor from the peas. An egg and a couple egg whites bind the mixture together to help keep the round shape as it cooks away. So, what did Jeff think? "Wow these are really good! So... about them peas... Maybe they are not so bad, but if anyone asks, I still don't like them!" My evil plan is working... trying to make him try all the stuff he "thinks" he hates - I wonder what we will try out next!

I also made some Edamame Dumplings with a soy dipping sauce tonight. These could be made in advance and stored in the freezer before cooking if you like. Cooked edamame is pureed with some fresh lemon juice, toasted sesame oil and some spices to create a semi-smooth mixture. Wonton skins are the wrapper, so while it was easy to prepare, it just took awhile to get them all filled and shaped. These really take no time to cook and the sweet sauce was a nice accompaniment to the soft filling. I will have to remember this recipe when I need a fun and different appetizer since these can mostly done ahead of time.


  1. thats sounds great - simple and delish...since i love ginger..i would grate some ginger and maybe even radish into the soy sauce..thanx for the recipe

  2. I think I will yield to temptation for the Arborio Rice, Parmesan, and Green Pea Pancakes, ... great idea ... have a nice day guys ... :)

  3. Wow, what a meal! My husband doesn't like peas, either, but I still sneak them in from time to time.

  4. Hi Joe!
    I marked both this recipes to try on the magazine, it is nice to see a review! Yesterday I made the double corn pancakes from the same issue and they were very good, we all liked here! (but I omitted the jalapeno)

  5. FYI- we made the Mediterranean Spaghetti last night and LOVED it. SOooo good. Thanks for inspiring me!

  6. Joe, that looks amazing. I wish you lived closer!

  7. how funny CATE , I had exactly the same though this morning while reading today's recipes... I wish I lived closer ... :) :)
    JOE you should think of a big party with all your foodie-fans ... we would all bring some good stuff to eat of our own .... :) :)

  8. Joe, I like your "evil" plan! I can't think of a veggie I don't like ... although I'd be willing to pretend if someone would make me dinners such as these!

  9. I JUST got my new issue of CL and thought both of these looked so good. How smooth was the edamame puree? Did it come out a bit grainy or was it nice and smooth? I agree- it would make a nice appetizer....maybe even deep fried if you're feeling indulgent;).

  10. Glad to see a review of the dumplings. I tagged that page in the latest CL because I have all the ingredients on hand, and like most dumpling recipes I've had. Thanks for sharing!

  11. foodcrazee - ginger would go great here I think!

    sab - give them a go!

    s'kat - it's all about how to sneak in the good stuff!

    ana - I have that one marked off to try too.

    Christina - Great! Thanks for letting me know - we both enjoyed it as well.

    Cate - You never know!

    Sab - That would be awesome!

    Tania - hee hee!

    Tokyoastrogirl - The puree was actually quite smooth! Deep frying.... oh so tempting!

    JJ - They were pretty good the next day too!

  12. Joe,

    I love your pancakes - what a great idea! I just read your about me post. Up until now, I thought you were a professional chef cooking in a restaurant in the desert - you rock!

  13. Catherine - Maybe someday I will be but I think I have a long ways to go!