Saturday, March 25, 2006

Raiding the pantry....

I had some extra cream cheese to use up this morning so I went looking in the pantry to see what else I had on hand to use up. I found half a bag of some peanut butter and chocolate swirled chips along with some hearty graham crackers from Trader Joes.

I used these ingredients to make some Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bars. I gave the graham crackers a quick whirl in the food processor, then mixed them with melted butter and some sugar to add a bit of sweetness. After forming a crust in the pan, some of the swirled chips are scattered on top for a surprise inside the bars. A sweetened cream cheese layer is spread on top enclosing the chips inside. Instead of making a thick base, we kept some of the graham cracker mixture to sprinkle on top of the unbaked bars along with some more of the swirled chips. This is then baked just until set, cooled to room temperature and then refrigerated to firm up the bars. The bars are very creamy, yet can be cut quite neatly. The chips keep their shape which gives bursts of chocolate and peanut butter in each bite.

Tonight's movie from Netflix will be Proof with Gwyneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins. I have been going through the new magazines and pulled out a bunch of recipes, so the pile is growning again. I hope to get the menu set for this week tonight and have the list ready for shopping tomorow!


  1. those Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bars look awesome ... I like the little "waves" . definitely very appetizing ... :)

  2. They look fantastic, and I'm all for things that cut neatly. You might be interested in our dinner Friday night - have a vague recollection of you liking chipotle chile.

  3. Those look to die for, I don't know how I could possibly NOT try these!

  4. I made those bars a few weeks ago for hubby to take to work and there were fights over them! You really can't go wrong with all those ingredients, I suppose. I bought more of the chips just to have on hand should I need a fast dessert to take somewhere.

  5. Violet - They could certainly use a boost in flavor - they are much better "in" things rather than on their own.

    Barbara - Thanks!

    Sabine - Thank you!

    EJ - Hmm, maybe not this week unless I can change some stuff around! Soon though, I hope!

    Cate - Yeah - these were easy to cut (for a change!)

    Cameradawktor - Thanks!

    Jen - I bet, these didn't last long here either!