Monday, December 19, 2005

All mailed off and taking it easy...

We got all of the packages mailed off this morning and now it is time to relax! We avoided the mess at the main Post Office and went to a Hallmark Store a couple miles away that has a Post Office inside. It was completely empty! Have to remember that next year!

Here's some of the goodies just before we started packing the boxes.

As far as the recipes are concered, I have posted quite a few and have linked them in the goodies name in yesterday's post until I can get them into the main recipe page. You may have to hit refresh to see the changes. Keep checking back if you don't see the title linked - I should have all recipes up by Wednesday.

Tonight's dinner, Soba-Edamame Salad with Flank Steak, was a healthy and quick meal. I love the nutty flavor and texture of Soba Noodles, but if you have none on hand you could always use Spaghetti. This uses leftover flank steak from a recipe we made last week which allows this to be thrown together in a snap. Cooking the noodles and edamame together makes for less dishes too. The soba drinks up the ginger and chili garlic sauce in the dressing which gives it heat and subtle bite. To ease the prepartion of ginger root, I keep mine in the freezer and use a microplane to grate it.


  1. Sounds like you needed an easy meal after the packages you sent out!
    Note to self: I need to find a friend who is a good cook to send me stuff!

    Thanks for the gingerroot tip. I'll have to try that.

  2. WOW! I'll bet you are ready for a rest after all that baking! Looks wonderful!

  3. WOW! Everything looks divine! I would love to know how everything held up after shipping. Most of your treats look pretty sturdy. Your friends will be soooo happy and if they aren't...send me their package next year, pretty please!

    Michelle (aka Pony)

  4. Man, I totally wish I was on your gift list this year! I love your blog--thanks for all the fabulous recipes.

  5. Your baking endeavors are really impressive!

  6. Now that's a lotta love on the table!

  7. I must say that the people who got those goodies are some lucky campers, Joe. I'll petition to get on the list for next year. Fantastic job.

  8. mmmmmm what do I have to do to get on next year's list? ;-)

  9. JJ - We sure did! Finally getting caught up on some sleep...

    Michele - Thanks!

    Michelle - I'm still waiting to hear back, but hopefully in the next couple days we will find out how they arrived!

    Alison - Thank you!

    Kalyn - Thanks!

    s'kat - yeah! Thank god most of it was sent out....

    Nic - Thanks, I'll be sure to write your name down for next year!

    Chef Joanna - I'll get back to you on that.. hee hee!

  10. You are my hero.