Thursday, December 08, 2005

Here's what we did...

Since we were going to be traveling to Tucson the past couple days, we ended up having to board the pets at the Vet's office. We picked them up today and I decided to bring in something to thank them since they took the dogs kind of last minute.

Remember the Kissables? I decided on what we were going to make and we ended up with cookies. I wanted to see if the shell would remain intact and if the shell softened any. I also needed an excuse to use the new Hershey Milk Chocolate Caramel Filled baking pieces.

Chocolate Malted Kissables and Caramel Chunk Cookies turned into these thin, crispy, and very enjoyable cookies. Using chocolate malt powder gives these a unique background, which is hard to pick out but it enhanced the flavor so much.

I split the dough in half to see how each product would work. The Kissables worked fantastic as the shell stayed intact and softened slightly, so it was very easy to bite into. The taste of the chocolate caramel ones was awesome! The first couple cookies of the caramel ones were a little bumpy as the gooey caramel bursted out onto the baking pan if it was on the side of the raw dough. I learned quickly to make sure all the chocolate pieces were covered with dough, execpt I left some on top uncovered so it could ooze over without going on the sheet.

We sent most off to the Vet's office, but the ones we kept were quickly devoured. I'm waiting to see how they will store - I put them in a tupperware container for a few hours and am happy to see they are still crisp!

Tonight for dinner is a recipe we made a few weeks ago. Pasta Margherita has become a favorite and I can't wait to make it again - we rarely do repeats of recipes but this one is very good.


  1. Cookies look wonderful! We recently found a wonderful pet sitter that works in the northeast Valley. It cost us only $4.00 a day more to have her come in and live with our animals while we were gone than to board them. They were much happier that way--and our house was left spotless, fresh bedding, clean name it. If you need a reference, let me know.

  2. I made a cookie recipe using malt powder and loved, it is really good! Your with the kissables look very nice!
    I actually found a bag of kissables at the airport in Atlanta, bought it and brought it to Brazil, my sister loved it!

  3. I made the sausage soup (from Monday's post) and just ate it for lunch - delicious! It was so flavorful, especially for such a fast and healthy recipe. Thanks!!

  4. Cookin4love - That's a great idea, i'll have to remember that next time! I'll let you know if we need that info!

    Ana - Cool!

    Mebeth - Glad to hear the soup was good! I really liked it - and quick to boot!

  5. Cookies look great--haven't run across the kissables yet--would like to.