Sunday, December 25, 2005

One day to splurge....

We hope everyone is enjoying their time with your loved ones today. I woke up bright and early this morning with lots of energy and got started with new recipe for breakfast. Normally I would do something tried and true but this looked so good we had to try it.

Sour Cream Buns is a twist on cinnamon rolls. This dough is quite easy to work with and since it only has to do one rise before baking, it allows you to enjoy these sticky, sweet and cinnamon scented treats. They look just like normal rolls as you set them into muffin tins, but you will slowly start to see a change as they rise. When I set the pan and closed the door, I started to watch the timer drop second by second, anxiously awaiting for it to go off. I was enjoying the sweet cinnamon smell waft through the kitchen and finally the timer beeped. I opened the oven and was surprised to see how they expolded into tall swirls of sweet bread.

I love to unravel cinnamon rolls and eat from the outside in. These very tender and light rolls fit the bill and have just the right amount of a brown sugar/cinnamon stripe throughout. A drizzle of sweet icing caps them with just enough to keep you licking your fingers (or fork) clean.

One other thing we do every Christmas Day is to make outrageously large caramel apples. Since we keep on the ligher side of food during the year - this is one day we tend to go a little heavy handed on the treats. One tip - I place the apples in boiling water for just a few seconds to melt any waxy coating is left on and polish them with a dry towel. Sometimes the caramel tends to slide down if we don't do it this way. I used the caramel from the Caramel Apple Bar recipe we made earlier in the year. Caramel, M&M, Peanuts and Chocolate coat the apples.

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