Wednesday, December 07, 2005

So far Mom approves!

Biscotti is definitley a favorite snack around here. I have been making several different kinds over the years and this one ranks right up there in taste. I've never had coconut in biscotti before and there is something else that is a little unusual - there are no nuts in the recipe.

I decided to do these naked and plain, but you could certainly dip them in chocolate or throw in some nuts/chocolate chips if you like. Cutting them about 1/2" thick you will end up with about 20 crispy cookies... but they are not too hard. Just right for dunking I think! One thing I like to do, and have done since I started making these, it to place them on their bottoms instead of the cut sides. This way they still end up the same crispness, but you don't sit there trying to flip over each biscotti burning your fingers! If you prefer a softer type, only bake for about 10 minutes.

Dinner tonight, Chicken PotPie, was a pretty quick recipe to throw together since I already had a pie crust on hand that I made earlier. If you don't like to make them, or short on time, feel free to use a premade dough. This warm and comforting dish was perfect for the chilly weather outside. I used a succotash of corn, red peppers and edamame for the mixed vegetables. Breaking through the flaky, crisp, and salty crust then taking your first bite, your mouth is filled with a creamy sauce and tender vegetables. Chunks of chicken are plentiful and the coating from the seasoned flour helps lend even more flavor. I don't think there is one thing I would change as each one of us remarked how much we liked it.

You will have leftover pie dough, so I cut out some fun christmas shapes to place on top. What I also like to do with plain leftover dough is to brush it with a little melted butter and sprinkle the scraps with cinnamon sugar. Bake until golden and boy is it good! So simple, yet so tasty!


  1. First of all, I've been cruising for biscotti recipes (office-mate gifts), and the coconut angle looks great.

    Secondly, I swoon in the face of your pot pies! Now, I've only had Swanson's, but yours look like they could tempt me into trying them at least one more time. Too cool! Mom is so lucky.

  2. Most of the time I leave nuts out of my biscotti, actually. Somehow it just makes them seem simpler and more appropriate for eating along with my breakfast. =)

  3. I really like that biscotti recipe, as I've made it several times.

    It is incredible dipped in dark chocolate- so make sur you try that sometime!

  4. do you guys ever eat out? Have you eaten at pizzaria bianco? Its supposed to be the BEST pizza. Peter Rheinart talks about it in his book crust and crumb. I was in phx( actually peoria) in March and I wish I would have known about it then.

  5. No wonder mom approves! Look what an amazing cook you are. I don't have to taste them to know how good they are.

  6. Hi Joe!
    Both recipes look great, very nice pictures, and I loved the cristmas tree on top of the pot pie!
    Your picture of the pot pie really made me want to try the recipe, yumy!

  7. Aww, your little tree is so cute.

  8. I'm have a biscotti marathon this weekend! Your recipe is just in time!

  9. s'kat - I'll be looking to see what you end up making (I'm still looking for stuff for Jeffs office mates too!)

    Nic - That's a great idea actually - I want to try it with other recipes we've done before just to see the difference.

    AK - Thanks!

    Erika - Oh my, I will have to try them that way! *jots this down on the recipe*

    Randi - We are not big on eating out but I've also heard such awesome things about that place. We will have to check it out!

    Thediningdica - You are too kind - Thank you!

    Ana - Hee hee, I also made gingerbread men and a couple stars!

    Sara - Thanks!

    Darlamay - Cool! I'll be lookin to see what yo make too!