Sunday, December 11, 2005

Would you like some cookies with your butter?

With Mom being out here last week, we didn't get a chance to get started on the majority of the baking for Christmas. I got the list ready this morning and off we went shopping. Trader Joe's can probably afford to give their employees new cars after we were done with them. I was a little disappointed though that they discontinued carrying the Almond/Hazelnut meal as I needed that for some cookies. I ended up just buying regular almonds and will make my own I guess.

Butter for some cookies anyone?

Tomorrow will begin the week of Christmas baking craziness as we try to catch up and get stuff ready to be shipped out. I don't have many new recipes as I try to stick to tried and true ones to send out. I'll see what I can get posted as we make them, although the results might be more towards the end of the week as the first few days will be making dough and prepping the rest.

Lots of chocolate floating around with the butter too!

Tonight's Netflix DVD will be Napoleon Dynamite with that crazy guy Jon Heder. This has been in the queue for awhile but we moved it up the list a couple weeks ago. Can't wait to see it! Be sure to keep checking back with us throughout the week and see if we can actually get all this baking done! I still have plans to do the weekly Treats for Jeff's co-workers, but I don't know if I will have enough time. I need to sleep too!


  1. Wow! That's a lot of butter! How many cookies are you baking? :)

  2. OMG, I was worried because I bought 5 packages of butter for my cookies! Can't wait to read about your cookie meking!

  3. We just did our Trader Joe's run last night too. I got the last packages of toasted slivered almonds and dry-toasted chopped pecans, thank goodness. Those save me lots of work in the toasting and chopping department. We ended up spending a fortune at TJ's -- and that was after having done a full grocery shop only two days prior!

    So far I've made linzer biscotti, triple-gingersnaps, apricot-date-walnut slices, oatmeal with fruit/nuts/chocolate, and dulce de leche bars. Miles to go before I sleep, though. What do you have planned for all that butter?

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Is THAT where all the butter that's supposed to be here went??? Whoa... sorry. On a butter deprivation rant. Would you believe there is NOOOOOOO butter to be found here right now? Sometimes it really sucks to live in the middle of nowhere. I'll just have to live vicariously through your e-baking.

  5. Michele - Too many to count!

    Tyroleancutie - I so know how you feel!

    EJP - Try having it in the refrigerator! Thankfully no guests will be by to see it haha

    Amy - I'm with you on the movie - weird for sure.

    Julie - Our TJs was quite low on nuts as well. They are just so cheap there compared to everywhere else. It certainly sounds as if you have been busy! So far it has mainly been for cookies today.

    thediningdica - Yeah! We are holding them hostage! How come there isn't any butter around your parts?

  6. We love Napoleon Dynamite. It's way up there on our list of comedy favorites......right next to Office Space. But yes, it is a bit weird. Definitely not for everyone.

  7. Well, Joe, let me put it this way. Anything that come here is here on a limited basis because it has to be barged or flown in. If something comes in that is popular at the time and you aren't fast enough or wise enough to take a large share of it for yourself, you might not see it for a week, two weeks , even a couple months. Butter happens to be the popular thing this month (geeeeee... I wonder why? LOL) Stupid me didn't clue in that they wouldn't bring in more the next week so I am without it. I was thinking they'd be wise enough to know that butter is very popular this season and a guaranteed sell. HA! I've lived here for five years and don't even realize that shopping at our one store is hit or miss, with mostly miss. Dumb dumb dumb!