Thursday, December 29, 2005

A little sour, kinda salty and just plain good

Since we try so many new and different recipes, I am always on the look out for recipes that I would repeat and that would be guest worthy. I am leary of trying out new recipes on guests because I want to make sure it is something that works and then I can work out any kinks beforehand.

The dish we had tonight is definitely something I would make again for guests. I would probably serve this either as a brunch item or dinner as it seems a little heavy to me for breakfast. Bacon, Gruyère, and Ham Strata is filled with toasted sour breadcubes that keep their shape well and do not turn to mush. A generous amount of cheese gives the top coating a nutty flavor and crispy bacon lends a nice saltiness. To give the ham a little boost in flavor, I did brown it a bit before adding it to the mixture. I find this adds an extra depth of flavor it otherwise would not have.


  1. hope you are enjoying the holiday season...
    good wishes for the 2006 and happy cooking in the New Year!

  2. Lera - Thanks! Happy New year to you!

  3. Incidentally I had potato chowder with gruyere cheese for lunch today. It was great to see this post. I also want to wish you a fabulous New Year. May this wonderfully inspiring blog continue giving us so many wonderful read and recipes. You are brillian!!

  4. Valentina - Thanks! Happy New year!