Saturday, December 17, 2005

Couple more previews...

Okay... so I admit it... we may have gone a little overboard with making stuff to send out. We finished up some decorating and have started the proccess of packaging everything up. Looking at the piles of goodies is a bit daunting when I think we still have to fit them in boxes to send out! I'll try to get the pictures of everything together in a post for tomorrow or Monday. I will also try to get the recipes posted during this coming week.

Here is some dark chocolate that we molded into Santas, snowflakes, and presents. Apparently I didn't get enough of the air bubbles out but I don't have enough time to re-do them!

Next is an attempt to make a wreath looking cookie from the doughnut cookies I made a couple months ago. I should have done a little better but I was pretty tired at this point hehe!

This is one of our favorites - Almond Roca. Crunchy toffee candy topped with chocolate and toasted shaved almonds.

If we get a chance to sit down at watch a movie, tonight's DVD from Netflix will be Herbie: Fully Loaded with Lindsay Lohan. I hope to also get a chance to look through some new cooking magazines for dinner ideas for this week - but I may just go through the pile of "to trys" that needs some attention! Stay tuned for the gift baking round up!


  1. Love, love, love your blog! Everything looks and sounds DELICIOUS! Thanks for stopping by Milk & Honey!

  2. When you say you went overboard, you're not kidding.

    Everything looks awesome!!!

    Have a wonderful holiday and lucky are those who will share in your bounty.

  3. can i call you "diva?" you are amazing! i love visiting and seeing what you've cooked up, great job!

  4. OMG,you have laid out so many goodies....never know where to start! I am bowled over by the cinnamon and chocolate fudges!!Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Rorie - Thanks!

    Ruth - Happy Holidays!

    Vanessa - Thanks for the chuckle!

    Lera - We *love* the fudge - both are easy and always set up.