Monday, December 05, 2005


Wow it was cold this morning! We had a freeze warning last night so we made sure to go out and get all the plants covered. It went below 32 around 7am... and to think Mom left Minnesota to come enjoy the "warm" weather of Phoenix for a week! Brrrrr!

Jeff has the week off from work so unfortunely there is no big treats for the co-workers to make today. I did bake another loaf of the cranberry-hazelnut quickbread with Mom that we enjoyed from a couple weeks ago.

Dinner tonight was a flavorful and quick type of burger with an Asian flare. We had Turkey Burgers with Peanut Sauce served with some baked tortilla chips. A Thai-style peanut sauce tops ground turkey that is flavored with fresh ginger, chili paste and soy sauce. A generous stack of alfalfa sprouts gives a contrasting texture against the warm sauce and turkey. This will be repeated for sure in the future - I can see this as a great lunch - warm or even cold!



  1. its so nice that you eat sprouts! everyone always talks about it being hippy food but i just love them. the burger looks absolutely delicious :)

  2. Too bad about the weather. I expect it up here in Toronto (we're in the below freezing range ourselves)but like your mom, I'd hope for better in Phoenix.

    Enjoy your visit with her anyway.

  3. Catesa - We love the sprouts - I like adding them to salads too.

    Ruth - Yeah! Shouldn't this cold be way up your way?!