Saturday, June 24, 2006

Another muffin to keep....

I've been wanting to use some more rhubarb since we made the Rhubarb Pudding Cake a few weeks ago. I thought about maybe a crumble or pie, but I wanted a more individual snack... so I went with muffins!

Rhubarb Crunch Muffins have a moist and tender interior with a crunchy crown from chopped pecans. Freshly squeezed orange juice helps to cut the tartness from the unique tangy rhubarb and adds a sunny sweetness to these golden treats. I would normally toast the pecans before hand, but since they are scattered on top of the raw batter, they are exposed to the heat long enough to get that toasty flavor.

Tonight's DVD for the weekend from Netflix is Ray with Jamie Foxx. As the move gets closer, I am trying to be more diligent with the menu planning to get things from the freezer and pantry used up. I will be going through some cookbooks and recipe piles tonight and see what we can dig up for this upcoming week.... until tomorrow!


  1. Hello muffin man. heh heh. Great idea to put rhubarb in the muffins. I tried to clean out my freezer before we moved to. But I still ended up just emptying my freezer into a crate and walking it over to our new place. But, y'all probably won't be able to do that. =)

  2. The move is getting much closer.You need to have friends over and cook only things in the

  3. Now that is one spectacular looking muffin!!! Thanks for sharing.

    To manage some of your moving stresses - take a deep breath (works especially well in a kitchen with something like these muffins baking in the oven).

  4. Joe these are fantastic! Well done!

  5. Ed - Unfortunely, I don't think the movers have a plug in for the freezer.. too bad - hee hee!

    Emily - Tell me about it!

    Ruth - Thanks! Hopefully things will start to calm down soon enough.

    Ivonne - Thank you!