Wednesday, June 07, 2006

News we have been waiting for...

Let's talk about some good news we have to share and then back to the food! We put in an offer on a house in Maryland and it was accepted! We went through the home inspection already this morning and there were no major issues! We took some pictures to share.... Remember to click on them if you would like to view bigger pictures.

The house sits on just over 1 acre of land a couple miles outside of Frederick (oh my, I guess it is time to get a riding lawn mower!) Here is the front view...

And a view from the back... Can you guess what probably sold Jeff the most on this house? Our neighbors directly behind us have animals.... and not just any kind - right behind our fence are Alpacas!

There is even a good sized shed that matches the house in the back corner!

Have you ever seen that Chevy Chase movie where they release some deer when they try to sell their house? During the inspection this morning, guess what I saw wandering around our house and driveway? Hmm... I wonder if someone set that up - hee hee!

The movers will be coming to get our stuff from Phoenix the second week in July and we should close on the new place shortly after that. The ball is starting to roll and it seems to be going quite quickly now! It's too bad I feel like crap to enjoy it all (I've had a sore throat since Monday... sigh) - but I guess I shouldn't complain!

Sorry about that - we can get back to the food now! One of the dinners I made before we left again was Pulled Chicken Sandwiches. This has so much going for it! The chicken is first rubbed with a flavor-packed combination of spices and then grilled off until done. I used chicken breasts for this, but the original recipe did call for thighs - feel free to use what you like! Once cooled enough to handle, you shred the chicken and reheat it in a slightly sweet and spicy homemade barbecue sauce. The sauce was just so good that I will be repeating it for other recipes - just enough vinegar and spice to punch up the flavors. We had them on plain buns, but go crazy and dress them up if you so please!


  1. Congrats on the house. The dogs will love all that yard!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Wow...looks lovely, Joe! I will miss the cactus, though, at Culinary in the Desert! Feel better...moving is so stressful!

  3. Congratulations on the house! Looking can be so awful. Are you guys moving to the Frederick area? If you are and if you are interested in antiques at all, check out New Market, MD. I am so excited for you!!!

    Good luck with the move!

  4. Joe, I have never posted on your blog before but I just wanted to say Congratulations!! I loved living in MD oh so many years ago.

    When I find some extra time in my life, I hope to start my own blog. Yours is always so interesting and tantalizing.

  5. Love the house! Wow, that's a great yard. That's so cute about Jeff liking the neighbor animals, hehe.

    Mmmm, I saw that recipe this month and plan to make it myself!

  6. guys are gonna freeze!! What will you do if the temp is below 100??? lol

  7. Congrats on the new house. Very nice.
    Hope you feel better soon too.

  8. Congratulations on the house! The place looks great and very calm!...

  9. congrats on your new home ...
    very tantalazing recipe ..
    I wish you lots of nice moments and may the stress-era be gone know you have my friendly support ... :)

  10. it looks great, congrats on getting it! and well... 1 acre to mow? now now, what about all the home grown veggies and the greenhouses with fresh fruits? those will take up enough space if you do them right...less to mow! :)

  11. Congratulations on finding your house! How's the kitchen? :)
    An acreage---that's what I dream about. Someday.
    I'm still house hunting myself...

  12. Congrats on such a killer looking house- what an awesome yard!

  13. Congratulations! I think you'll enjoy living in this part of the country (I live less than 2 hours from Frederick). You'll definitely have more of a variety when it comes to weather.

    That yard is screaming for a pool.

  14. Congratulations guys!
    The yard looks awesome. You do have plenty of room to plant a garden next year!

  15. Congrats to both of you! The house looks great. Maybe you guys should get a couple of animals - like horses - to keep the alpacas company!

  16. Congrats on getting such a great house. 1 acre? Look at how green I am :o

    The chicken sandwich looks yummy :)

    Oh... are you a gardener of any sort? Are you going to grow stuff with which to cook in your new large lot?

  17. What a wonderful adventure y'all will have! Just keep in mind that your first winter will be quite a shock to your system, and make sure to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I recomend Jason's Natural NaPCA lotion.

    (When I moved to Chicago from L.A., I looked like one of those wizened apple dolls for the first three months. Granted, it WAS February, but still... no need for your skin to turn all potato-chip-ish if you can avoid it, nay?)

  18. Wow - I love your new house, especially that yard!

  19. I'm back-checking since I've haven't been checking for awhile & I am so excited for you. I've never posted on Culinary before but I always check it out. I'm new to blogging but I wanted to congratulate you both on your wonderful new house. Such a yard!

  20. Joe, I had been a bit busy and had no time to come and visit. Love the picture of the house. Lovely outside space. So gorgeous.

  21. Barbara - I can't wait for the pups to see it!

    Kann - Thanks!

    Linda - Yep - just outside of Frederick! We actually looked at some houses in New Market!

    Laura - If you do start one, please let me know!

    Teresa - Thanks!

    Wheresmymind - Hee hee... I know!

    Tammy - Thanks!

    Rosa - It is - pretty rural area!

    Sab - The stress is fading, but we still have to get the one in Phoenix all sorted out!

    Catesa - Something like that I bet - a good way to mow less I think!

    JJ - The kitchen is probably half the size of our current and while it is okay - I think we will modify it for our needs as soon as we can!

    S'kat - Thanks!

    TCJ - You are pretty close then! Yeah, our new neighboors have a pool and about the same size backyard as us.

    Patti - I agree, I can't wait to dig some of it up!

    Nic - Believe me, I've been hearing that everyday since we saw the house!

    Nerissa - We didn't grow much here, but we plan to have quite a few things in a new garden! - Yeah I know what you mean - I grew up in MN so while I don't like the cold, we at least have an idea of what it will be like!

    Tyroleancutie - Thanks!

    Evil Jonny - Yeah! Country at its best!

    Grandma Jacki - Thank you!

    Valentina - We are pretty anxious to get going with the move!

  22. Hmmmm, those look like Pulled Deer Sandwiches. Are you sure it's chicken?

  23. The house looks great - congrats and good luck.

    The pulled chicken sandwich looks delicious. I'm bookmarking the page.

    Thanks for sharing. And speaking of sharing....I'm tagging you for "5 things" meme - just in case you have nothing else to do.

  24. David - *cough* Shhhh!

    Ruth - Thanks! I'll add the meme to my list of things I would like to do!