Friday, June 02, 2006

Counting the days until we move...

Record heat here in Phoenix today - 110! It is suppose to get to 112-114 over the weekend and this is just the beginning. So crazy! Just going to get the mail today made it feel like you were on fire. It will be nice when we get going with the move and get to some cooler weather. Even the pool water is in the 90s...

I was never a fan of broccoli growing up, but I have grown to love the clean crisp flavor - we often even have it raw in salads or to nibble on for a snack. Broccoli plays a big part in tonight's meal - Chicken Divan. This baked dish is filled with tender cooked chicken breast and fresh broccoli combined in a creamy, thick and nutty Parmesan flavored sauce. To perk up the sauce, a tiny amount of dry sherry is added. Mayonnaise adds to the rich creamy texture and helps to bind it together.

If you want, you could always use about 20 ounces of frozen broccoli, thawed, if you have it on hand - but we enjoyed the fresh vegetable better in this recipe (and in general). I served this over whole-wheat egg noodles, but this would have been good enough on its own.


  1. Looks really good! Chicken and broccoli are one of my favorite combinations!