Monday, June 19, 2006

What more can you ask for?

Quite a bit to talk about tonight - so let's dive on in!

I posted about the watermelon yesterday and I used most of it today in a drink called Watermelon Agua Fresca. This vibrant red blended mixture of watermelon, sugar, water and lime juice is combined with chilled seltzer to create a fizzy and quite refreshing drink. To keep the drink smooth, it is strained to catch any seeds or large fibers. This was a great way to cool down after doing yard work in 110 degree temperatures! Be sure to serve this well chilled - if you wanted to serve this with ice, you could make extra and freeze it in ice cube trays so the drink would not get watered down.

I was excited to make tonight's dinner as it called for an ingredient we have not used yet - Tempeh!

Green Salad with Grilled Tempeh and Maple-Soy Vinaigrette was a nice light dinner that came together pretty quickly. I had no idea what the tempeh was going to taste like, but when we sat down to eat we were both pleasantly surprised! It was nutty and slightly chewy which paired well in a lightly dressed salad. The tempeh was spiked with a mixture of pure maple syrup and soy sauce after being grilled until browned. The sweet and lightly spiced dressing brought together the spinach and bitter arugula. Red and yellow bell peppers added color along with a fresh crispness. We will have to try the Tempeh again in another dish!

To go along with the salad tonight, I also made Parmesan Skillet Flatbreads. A combination of all-purpose and whole wheat flours with fresh grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese make these savory flatbreads delectable. They are mixed together just like any other bread dough recipe - but after being stretched thin, they are quickly cooked on the stove-top instead of in the oven. They only take about 1 minute on each side in a hot skillet and then you have warm, chewy and cheesy pieces of bread to have along side a salad or to just enjoy by itself! This will be made many more times!


  1. When I saw the watermelon photo I wondered if you were going to make the drink (snce I know you have the same mag as I do)- you also beat me to the punch on the bread- good to know that it was delicious. I'm always looking for yummy things to make on the grill burner outside (so as to not heat the house ) especially when it gets above 100.

  2. Your watermelon drink sounds lovely! My friend brought me back a watermelon schnapps once from spain and it was so lovely.

    Just curious about the tempeh - is it the same as tofu?

  3. No liquor? Looks like an incredible drink!

  4. that watermelon drink sounds so refreshing and i love the idea of freezing some of the drink for icecubes! i will have to see if the prices of watermelon are going down.

    Have you tried tofu before? i dont like it but have been told that people who dont like the texture/taste of tofu actually do quite well with tempeh, id love to know if you have an opinion on the whole thing :)

  5. That bread looks yummy! Which issue of EW was it in?

  6. Colette - That issue was pretty good! These would probably be better cooked on a grill (like a grilled pizza) too!

    Mae - In my opinion it is not like tofu in looks or tastes. The version we used is made from grains and looks like it - the taste is much different - but it does have that blandness that tofu does.

    Wheresmymind - you could certainly add some to this drink!

    Catesa - They are a great price around here now - $0.10/lb! We have had tofu before, and since I wouldn't compare tempeh to that of tofu I would definitely suggest giving it a try!

    Patti - the most recent - June/July I believe!

  7. I love aqua frescas--I've made both watermelon and cantalope ones and they are so refreshing!

    I may try tempeh once I have my own kitchen again. The latest issue of CL made it sound tempting!