Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Don't pass on this sauce...

Burgers are always a favorite around here, but they can be a little heavy when you want something light for dinner. Tonight's recipe fills that burger craving without leaving you feeling guilty.

Turkey Burgers with Special Sauce has a few twists and turns to it that take your tongue for a fun ride. Sometimes burger recipes that use turkey breast can easily come out dry, but these stay moist by mixing in tangy sweet orange juice and soy sauce. Green onions, garlic and fresh grated ginger ensure these thick patties will not be bland. But what makes this recipe, in my opinion, is a versatile "special sauce" that will be made again and used to top other burgers. The sauce is thick, sweet, tangy, and the best part - it makes a generous amount so you can play around with it on other recipes. Jeff and I are eagerly awaiting lunch tomorrow so we can finish the other two off!


  1. look so appetizing ...I kind of have a similar sauce recipe I consider as "all-purpose" (with many others) . my folks adore it. my guests always look quite puzzled when they find out there is orange juice in it ... :)

    I like the funny look they have at that very moment :) :)

  2. Now this is a turkey burger I can dig. Ground turkey is always a disappointment to me, but turkey breast is always yum!

  3. Oh they look great! I know what you mean about burgers, they're so yummy but can be a bit too heavy. These are a definate must try.

    I'm tempted to just marinate some flattened turkey breast in the seasonings then cook it with the sauce added when plated.

    BTW when's the big move?

  4. Those look so good. And the sauce sounds delish!

  5. I am game for trying these since I have found a moist turkey burger recipe yet. They look really appetizing.
    Good luck on the move!

  6. we made these last night for our community kitchen. I put our's in the freezer though. When I was making the shopping list, I opted for half dark/half breast turkey because imho, breast tends to be really dry.

  7. those buns look homeade, did you make them?

  8. I made these too, but opted for no special sauce as we can't stand mustard here. They were great even with out the "special sauce".
    See I told you we are connected some how. I also made the sloppy joes with corn!
    We are connected by cooking light!! I just think it is funny how we keep picking the same recipes.

  9. Sab - it must be the OJ then!

    Wheresmymind - It is good if cooked right!

    Barbara - The move will be happening in just about 3 weeks!

    Tammy - Thanks!

    Helene - Let me know if you try it!

    Randi - How did they turn out? Yeah, it just a basic bun recipe.

    Heather - Great minds think alike!

  10. Oh, these are soooo good! Because of your review I made them last night--so delicious. And you are right about the sauce. It was hard not to lick the bowl, the spoon, my plate....We are serving them to guests this weekend.

  11. Pieces - Glad to hear you liked them!