Thursday, June 08, 2006

Versatile side dish...

I had some Jasmine rice to get used up last week, so I went searching for a side dish I could make to go with dinner. I wanted something that would not have to be constantly attended to or too fussy.

Rice Pilaf with Toasted Almonds looked like it would fit the bill. After browning minced onions in butter, I added in some aromatic Jasmine rice to first lightly toast the grains. Once the edges started to turn clear, chicken broth is added and the mixture is left alone until the rice has soaked in the flavorful liquid. Toasted almonds scattered on top at the end bring a crunchy and nutty texture to the fluffy rice. Since simple flavors were used, the flowery aroma of the rice is allowed to shine through. The finished dish was a bit more creamier than if we were to have used plain long grain rice I think. This easy side will be repeated with many dishes I imagine!


  1. Yum!I love Jasmine rice.
    The new crib is pretty awesome.Hows the new kitchen?

  2. Ever try this with BROWN jasmine rice? I'm pondering trying that this weekend :)

  3. Emily - It is okay, but will need some work in the future!

    Wheresmymind - Good call with the brown jasmine, I had just enough white on hand to get used up though!