Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gratifying treat offset by a light dinner...

In an effort to use up some good quality bittersweet chocolate before the move (instead of eating it by itself that is...) I wanted something that was a bit different and a little indulgent.

Mocha Wedges with Bittersweet Glaze turned into just what we wanted. Putting my springform pan to work, these rich and decadent wedges have just a hint of espresso that beefs up a deep chocolate flavor. The texture of these has a crisp outside while the inside remains kind of soft, dense and almost fudge-like. Not quite a cookie and not quite a brownie - somewhere in between. To gild the lily, a drizzle of thick bittersweet chocolate completes the indulgent factor with a sweet finish.

Since we were flying high from the wedges, we went a little lighter for dinner. BLT Bow Tie Pasta Salad has the classic flavors from a BLT, minus the bread of course. Crisp torn romaine is tossed with tender bow ties, chunks of chicken breast, fresh tomatoes and salty bacon. The dressing is a light and tangy mixture of sour cream, plain yogurt, broth, barbecue sauce, vinegar and pepper. The generous amount of dressing kept the salad moist and brought an interesting flavor twist. I kept a portion the romaine mixture separate from the dressing so we can have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow - the full recipe makes quite a bit, but I can see us making this again and again for picnics or barbecues.


  1. Jeff - I really am amazed that you have been able to do so much cooking with your move being right around the corner. Your mocha wedges look like they should be sitting in a fancy bakery display case. I bet they taste delicious, too!

  2. I was out of town for several days (for my nephew and ... godson's baptism) in the beautiful cote d'azur . It seems like you 've surpassed yourself again. how is that possible ?? ;)
    I'll send you pictures.

  3. You're killing me with these pictures. I want a mocha wedge. And the bowtie pasta looks amazing.

  4. Ed - Pfft... Jeff doesn't cook - remember? Hee hee....

    Sab - Thank you, i'll be looking forward to the pictures!

    Annie - I wish I could send you some!

  5. Oh yum, those mocha bars sound sooo yummy! The pasta looks good, as well.