Monday, June 05, 2006

Delicious and simple dinner...

Even though we are back in Maryland again to finish up the house hunting, I made sure to make quite a few new things before we left. So now we have plenty to talk about!

One of the things we had for dinner before we left was Thai Beef Rolls. For the outside tortilla, I used a flavored honey-wheat version from Tumaros that we already had on hand. Next time I make these, I will use the chipotle flavored kind just to add a hint of heat. The tortillas are first brushed with a fresh dressing made from garlic, ginger, sesame oil, lime juice and fish sauce for a bit of saltiness. Thin deli-style roast beef, tender lettuce greens, crisp carrots and a zesty addition of mint fill out the thick roll. Jeff and I both agree this was simple and excellent, but kept thinking it was missing something - we were both looking for some heat to the dish. Next time, I would add some chili-garlic sauce to spice things up.


  1. Those look really good! I hope the house hunting goes well.
    Enjoyed the wedding photos also!

  2. This is why you should always keep a bottle of Sirracha around!

  3. Yum! In addition to the mint, you might try some basil and and/or cilantro as well (this is the Thai "triad" I always use when making a beef salad or spring roll). My mom has an overgrowth of herbs, and I buy WAY too many cucumbers and tomatoes from the organic market, so together we grill flank steaks and then make Thai beef salad and spring rolls with the leftovers!

  4. Patti - Thanks!

    s'kat - So true! - Basil and Cilantro would be great additions!