Sunday, June 18, 2006

Grocery day...

Just under 3 weeks to go before the movers come and pack up the house! This week was exceptionally busy as we started to deal with showings of the Phoenix house again (sigh....) We did talk about 7 new recipes, but I made 3 more that I just did not have time to write about yet. I don't think we could pick out any favorites from this week, they were all very good!

I have a bunch more new recipes planned for this week and hope we are able to get to them. I finished the grocery list this morning and we were able to get just about everything - I wanted to wait on a couple items so they could be as fresh as possible. Here's a peak at a couple of the things we bought today that you will see used this week.

Tonight's weekend DVD from Netflix is the animated film Valiant with Ewan McGregor and Tim Curry. Check back and see what we end up cookin' and bakin' from the kitchen!


  1. What a busy boy you are! Those peaches... I'm just salivating looking at them. And the watermelon looks so crispy sweet. You have such a great way of photographing food. I'm always amazed at your pictures. Do you always use natural light?

  2. I love the look of that watermelon since I was thinking of doing a watermelon only diet so i can get rid of these excess weight all at once!

  3. Millions of peaches...peaches for me! :D

  4. is there something to do with peaches & watermelon other than eat them cold and fresh and juicy? hmm now i am curious

  5. The days are counting down fast!

  6. Hi Joe - I found what looked like a delicious peaches recipe at Epicurious...baked and stuffed with an amaretti filling. I can't find amaretti, so will head to another store tonight. I'll post about this if I get to make it. You are always so creative with your recipes -- love reading what you do!

  7. Nerissa - It depends on the day, but we do try to use it when we can. Thanks!

    Charles - I'm not sure about a watermelon diet... but we have been eating a lot of it this week!

    Wheresmymind - I was wondering if someone would mention the song!

    Catesa - I like them just by themselves, but in some of these recipes they are excellent!

    Emily - I know - it's getting to be crunch time!

    Janice - I will be watching to see if you make it! It sounds great