Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fresh cranberries... well they were frozen fresh!

Yes, the treats are still being made for Jeff's previous co-workers! Next Wednesday will be the last treat day for them as we won't be here anymore the week after.

The treat for Wednesday Treat Day may be a little unseasonal, but there was no way I was going to let cranberries from the freezer go to waste! I always buy a few extra bags during the cranberry season and stash them for summer treats.

Today's recipe is a bar cookie - Orange Cranberry Nut Bars. Inside these moist bars are whole cranberries with sliced toasted almonds scattered throughout. The eggs are the only leavener in the recipe, so the bars are a bit dense - but they do rise a little though. Fresh orange zest adds a zing to these slightly sticky and sweet gems. While these bars do not need anything else, a glaze made of powdered sugar and orange juice coats the top with just enough sweetness without being too over the top. When you get a piece that has a cranberry still intact, the fresh burst of flavor that fills your mouth makes your tastebuds stand at attention wanting more of that tangy bite.

We had such a fun and hands on dinner tonight - Fish Tacos with Broccoli Slaw! The original recipe called for cabbage slaw, but we really like the crunch and taste the broccoli version gives. These fresh tacos start with a layer of juicy slaw flavored with lime juice, olive oil and salt. Cod that was seasoned with smoky chili powder and salt is pan-fried just until the firm fillets start to flake. They are then chopped into bite-sized pieces and arranged evenly over the warmed corn tortillas. The tacos are rolled up and finished with a scattering of chopped fresh tomatoes. Because the slaw mixture makes more than you need, it is served on the side as a small crunchy salad.


  1. Those fish tacos look delicious...mmmm!

  2. After passing along a few of your stories/recipes, Brett's asking why I don't send treats in with HIM to work once a week. Thanks! I owe ya.... LOL Just how did you come up with this "I'll bake treats to send in with my bf once a week, every week" deal!?!? And do you do the same for your coworkers!?

  3. Yum!!

    What are you doing baking still? Shouldn't you be packing or something!? ;-)

  4. There you go again with those healthy cookies.lol They look great.

  5. those cranberry bars are good in any season.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the move.

  6. The bars look good, but the fish taco/broccoli slaw combo looks outstanding!

  7. Great site dude - keep the recipe ideas and the pictures coming.

  8. I've never tried fish tacos.I've heard such rave reviews on them,I must try them soon.

  9. Yum, Yum, Yum! I love cranberries and will have to try this recipe out. And the fish taco's too. Your version is far more healthy than the fish tacos I can get here in restaurants.

  10. Great photos, Joe. Very colorful post! I'm craving cranberries now.

  11. I love fish tacos. we used to get them in Puerto Vallarta made from dogfish (a small shark) they were delicious.

  12. Frozen fruits work so well! I love them and in winter they're the best thing you can find. Thanks for sharing


  13. Brenda - Thanks!

    Jeph - It originally started as I wanted unbiased reviews for some goods I was baking and it just kind of snowballed from there!

    Erika - We got it easy (kind of...) The movers will be packing everything for us!

    Annie - Thank you!

    Ruth - Yeah! I have more in the freezer, but not sure how to finish using them!

    s'kat - Thanks!

    Joey - Thanks for the nice comments!

    Emily - Do try them, they are quite worth it!

    Barbara - Let me know if you give either recipe a try!

    Nic - I had forgotten about the cranberries being in the freezer for a long time, I'm glad I thought about them the other day!

    Steven - That sounds tasty! I've never had shark though...

    Funwithyourfood - Thanks!

  14. Thanks for posting a cranberry recipe - I have a case of them in my freezer! After we get back from our trip I'll give 'em my usual substitute-Splenda-for-sugar try and let you know how they turn out. Good luck on your move.

  15. Cyndi - I'll be watching to see how it works with Splenda!