Saturday, August 13, 2005

Another store to add to our rounds...

Spent some of the morning at a new store that opened up close to us. Henry's Marketplace which is apparently owned by Wild Oats is kind of like a cross between a healthfood store and an indoor farmers market. Lots of fresh produce, great meat selection and quite a few different bulk products. I admit it was the $1.47/lb boneless/skinless chicken breast that sucked us in as it is such a great price because they don't inject the chicken with that "solution" we see in the grocery stores. We also picked up some bananas and grapes at pretty good prices.

After we got back and had lunch I made a couple individual lemon meringue pie type desserts for later tonight. A basic cookie crust (I used Trader Joe's cinnamon cat cookies for something different), homemade lemon curd and a simple meringue top.

Tonight's netflix selection will be Hitch. I will also start to go through the massive "to try" list of recipes I have set aside and figure out this week's menu. Keep watch and see what next new thing we try!


  1. Henry's sounds like a neat store - wish we had one!

    Hitch was cute - enjoy!

  2. That's funny...I made minature lemon meringe tarts Friday night. My grandmother's in town, and (apparently) grandmother's love lemon!

  3. Makes me want to run over to your place for movies and dessert! ;-)

  4. Me me a seat in front of the movie screen! Save some meringue pie for me and those hash browns..very yummy. We love Netflix her too in the toasty south! Love your blog.