Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sneak peak...

Sat down and finalized a list of what to make this upcoming week. I think there will be quite a few new baked goods along with dinners. Flour, sugar, oats, and brown sugar will make quite a few apperances in one form or another! Much time was spent grocery shopping this morning - thankfully we can go early enough and not have to deal so much with the busy crowds.

For a long time we had a rotation of the same type of stuff for dinner and one day I was just getting tired looking at the stack of new recipes but never getting around to trying them. A couple months ago I decided I really wanted to work through the pile and expand on our eating style. As time goes by, I think it's becoming a stronger addiction as I just want to keep going now that we've started! It has been fun tasting and creating things I never thought we would like. Hopefully I will not get the burn out I did before but as the commerical says "I'm lovin' it!"

Comedy night from Netflix. The DVD that will be watched is Miss Congeniality 2. The first one was mildly funny so let's see how bad the sequel is! I think we have almost the same number (if not more) of new recipes ahead so keep checking back and see how it goes!


  1. After you commented on my blog, I thought I'd check out yours. I've read only a week so far, and I can see I'll be back soon and often.

  2. I watched that movie and I loved it! After browsing through your blog I can tell I will be visiting it often!! Have a great week!

  3. Joe, I can't wait to visit and see what this week brings.

    Don't you just hate the scammers? I've noticed lots of them have been posting comments on my site too. Thank goodness for the delete key.

    The photo is wonderful.

  4. Joe - your pictures always are the best! I've made about half of the recipes you've posted (big CL fan) and they never look as good as yours. Heck, even the flour, sugar and oats look great! I always leave here hungry!

  5. I just love your photos. They're always so well-composed.

  6. Hi Karen - Thanks for visiting! Keep checkin back!

    Michelle, it was a good movie! Thanks for coming!

    Hey Ruth - I know, at least we can delete the stupid messages! Thanks!

    Jtoepfert100 - thanks! Your too kind. Glad the photo are coming out well hehe!

    Hi Crystal - Thanks!