Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I went back for a follow up with the shoulder doc and was given the go ahead to start exercising again, but to just take it slow. I was suprised as he said I do not need to go to the physical therapist again. Apparently my shoulder is healing well and with no stiffness there is no need. I think I will just start off with doing some of the smaller exercises I was doing when I went to PT and take it from there.

We will start off with what we had for dinner tonight. The two new recipes were Spicy orange beef over rice (CL) and Papaya-Carrot Slaw (CL). Breaking open the papaya was fun! Thanks again for the warning of the seeds - I did this over the sink! I used the food processor to shred the carrots and papaya making life much easier. It's a very simple and light side with the lime and fresh ginger. The spicy orange beef being stir fried was so juicy and the bright orange flavor really shined through. These are both definte repeaters here!

Being tuesday I made the "treats for work" for Jeff to bring in tomorrow. This was adapated from a recipe by Nick Malgieri. Below is Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti. I was only able to buy hazelnuts with the skin on so it took a little toasting and with a soft cloth I removed most of skin. It was a little tedious but worth it! This blend of cocoa, milk chocolate, and hazelnuts is such a great combination of flavors in a biscotti. The logs were very easy to handle - not too sticky. I just had to have a sample before they were taken in tomorrow and they are a winner!


  1. More fabulous pictures...everything looks delicious!! Glad I was able to help (warn) you about the papaya.

  2. Great picture and post - the biscotti not only look fabulous, they sound soooo delicious

  3. Oh those biscotti look so yummy. My mom always makes me help her toast hazelnuts for a rice dish she makes at the holidays, so I feel your pain for the extra labor (and the great rewards of doing it)

  4. You could also boil the hazelnuts in some bakingsoda water and then rub the skins off with a towel. I've never seen hazelnuts without the skins. Btw, those office mates of Jeff's must love him!!( and you)

  5. I'm glad you're shoulder's back to normal.

    The biscotti look fabulous...I have a couple of Malgieri's books; good stuff there.

  6. The 'Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti', looks great, even the rest of your blog, thanks!
    Chanit from Israel :-)