Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Food from the East...

The muffins from yesterday must have turned out pretty good as not a single one came home. They kept well overnight and stayed very moist!

I was a little nervous making dinner for tonight as it was another "odd" type dish and heard a couple times "what is that and why is it going in?". Below is Middle Eastern burgers from E-W. I believe they are normally served on small pita bread but I wanted to use the homemade buns I had in the freezer. This mixture of ground beef, bulgur, garlic, prunes(!), and spices held their shape very well. When the meat hit the grill the intense aroma from the cumin along with the other herbs filled the kitchen. On top of the burgers is a smooth drained yogurt-garlic sauce. Letting the whey drip out from the yogurt for about an hour really thickened up the finished sauce. It's a very cool tasting compliment to the warm burger. I served seasoned and toasted pita chips on the side.


  1. Forgive the pun.....'Nice Buns'!! (I'm sure you heard that before in a previous comment)
    Is that recipe on-line at KA? I'll go take a peek, great inspiration!

  2. The burger looks great. I always want to try some different burgers, but my fiance is pretty picky about that kind of stuff, so I might have to save these for a night alone.

  3. I've been wanting to try this same recipe for some time now...I'm glad to hear you liked it.

  4. hi, that looks and sounds terrific! cheers,j

  5. Joe,
    I just had to tell you I made the Zucchini Oven Chips from CL tonight...would not have made them but I saw your picture a couple days ago and they really looked good. They were delicious...thank you!

  6. Thanks!

    Punky - Yea.. Jeff didn't care much for it. It was too garlicky for him I think. To many different flavors for him.

    Alice - Hope you try it! I thought it was good!

    J - Thanks!

    Val - Glad to hear you tried them! They are very tasty!