Monday, August 01, 2005

One of them days...

Last night we had a pretty big monsoon come through. The wind was something fierce! It broke one of our new chaise lounge chairs and even took off one of the sunscreens on the windows. I spent most of the morning picking up and washing the sun umbrella as it sat in water overnight.

I had a "duh" moment today. Since living in the southwest for the first time when we looked for houses we found out fast that no one has basements here. Back home everyone did! So we needed to make sure we found a place that had enough storage in other places. We of course ran out of space pretty quickly but I realized today we had not been using the space above! Duh, the attic I thought, as I was going through one of the closets trying to come up with more space. So time to tackle that!

On to dinner... Tonight was Chicken Saté with Ponzu Sauce. I served this with a baked potato as I forgot we had these to use up and did not want them to go bad. The marinade for the chicken is the same as the dipping sauce. Being sweet and slighly spicy the ponzu went well with the grilled chicken.

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  1. That drove me crazy, in California. No basements. What's up with that, anyway?