Monday, August 29, 2005

Lotsa Pasta...

Whew - it sure was a hot one today. The high showed 113 in the shade this afternoon. I tried to get the doggies to go outside but they had other plans... like staying inside the nice cool house!

Growing up, for as long as I can remember, I never ate pasta of *any* kind. I had some aversion to its texture and the last time I tried it I was around 10 and that was it for me. One bite and never again I told myself! A couple years ago, attempting to actually try and explore other food realms I decided it was about time I got over it and made a simple spaghetti with sauce. The first bite was pretty odd, but the more I ate it the more I thought to myself "why did I wait this long to try this?"

Tonight's dinner was Turkey-Spinach Lasagna(CL). I used homemade sauce instead of jarred but that was the only change I made. I started a little earlier than I normally would since it has a bit of prep time involved, but it was pretty simple. It's very flavorful and pretty light for a meat sauce with the turkey. Quite good!

Till tomorrow - the plan is for 2 new dishes for dinner and I will be baking 2 new bar-type recipes!


  1. Your lasagna looks great. When I make lasagna it never looks that clean and neat.

    Today, I made Mooseheads' Eggplant Parm and it tasted good, but wow, it looked ..... like a mess!

    Really like your blog -- always check it out.

  2. Yum lasagna!
    Spinach and grilled vegetable are my favs :)

  3. looks great. I make ina garten's( barefoot contessa) turkey lasagna, i use whole wheat noodles as I usually do. Her recipe has goat cheese in it. Its really good.

  4. I'm a very picky pasta-eater. I cook mine on the safe side of al dente...and if there's any leftovers, I won't eat it. Too soggy by then.

  5. Looks great! You are becoming a fav blog of mine!

  6. Wow...I'm someone who could LIVE on pasta amazes me that you've avoided it for so long! The lasagna looks yummy...did you use ricotta or cottage cheese?

  7. I have one of those impolite questions: Do you have a life outside food? I am amazed at the sheer volume of individual things you talk about planning for and cooking. Not to mention the endless yummy photos. Are you secretly a personal chef so this is your job or are you a well-kept man or what? (and where do i sign up?)

  8. I might have to pick your brain for that tomato sauce. I am still looking for that must have recipe. It all looks great and I can't wait to see what you've got cooking next.

  9. Thanks for visiting and the comments! Keep 'em coming!

    Crystal - I used Cottage cheese in this recipe. I usually use/prefer ricotta but this was still really good!

    Kitchenmage - I do =) I'm not a personal chef but I do have a passion for cooking/baking and spend some of my time enjoying that when I can!