Saturday, August 27, 2005

Product Testing and Week in review

Going over my notes this morning we made 12 new recipes and one that was a common repeat for us. I think that is the most we have ever done in one week! Lots of variety and it was pretty fun!

We have been new product testers for a few years now. We have tested new food/drink products, pet products, and a couple household tool items. This weekend we are testing something new from Ben and Jerry's! What you see below is all we have to go by when we try them. Looks inviting huh! Nothing really telling us what they are until we taste it - which can be good and bad! So far this test has been pretty interesting. I can't say exactly what the product is yet, but should be able to give more information out soon!

Netflix came through again by getting the DVDs to us in time for the weekend. Love their turn around! We will be watching Collateral. We were going to see this in the theater, but passed after reading some of the reviews. It sounds like it's a better rental than paying $10 for a ticket. A lot of movies these days seem like that. Stay tuned as I'm going through the recipe piles and cookbooks to see what the menu for this week will be!


  1. Product testing sounds very interesting, both good and bad. I would love seeing the products I had tested hit the shelves!

  2. Hi Joe!
    I find this thing about product testing very interesting! Could you send me an e-mail and explain to me how did you get involved with it? Or direct me towards the place you do it?
    I like the idea and all, but have been afraid to get into anything that would not be serious.
    Do you actually get paid for testing the products?!
    I would appreciate if you could inform me a little more about that.
    Thanks! (and sorry if I am being inconvenient...)
    Ana (

  3. Hey Joe - 12 recipes? You're doing great! Collateral was decent - was weird seeing Tom Cruise play a "bad guy." Enjoy!

  4. Nic - Yeah, it sure is pretty neat seeing something you help test make it on the market!

    Hi Ana - I will send you an Email later today.

    Clare - Awww sorry to hear that =( Maybe they will make it over that way some day! It's very good!

    Thanks Sweetnicks! You're right about watching him on the opposite side of what he normally does. It was pretty good!

  5. hi! i was wondering where you tested products from too! I have been testing products for years too... we could trade notes? i am def. interested in seeing who you are going thru! tdeloach1 at gmail . com

    my boyfriend likes to cook alot for us... so I totally enjoy that!! Going to try to keep your blog handy!

  6. Product testing, sounds like fun and kind of scary at the same time.

    Do you get told what type of food/beverage it is? Or is it truly a surprise when you taste it? How do you know if it should be served hot or cold? cooked or raw? I'm fascinated

  7. Ruth,

    We get told what it is suppose to be and who it is from (usually, sometimes its a true blind test.) We do get explicit instructions on how to store and serve each item. For example - these needed to be refrigerated for a certain amount of time before hand, and they are labeled to tell us which one to try on what day.