Friday, August 19, 2005

Never too early to start I say!

We are already more than half way through august - the holidays are coming up fast! Perfect time to start testing cookies and baked goods we will be giving out. Well, that's my excuse anyway! These huge cookies are Mocha Chocolate Crinkles - Adapated from KA Cookie Companion. They are ever so slightly fudgy in the middle and have a nice crisp edge. Almost like a brownie inside a cookie. The cookies are almost 4" across while still being fairly thick. This definitely makes the list this year!

I like to make dishes that can give us some leftovers for lunch during the week so dinner tonight fits in perfect for that! Farmer's casserole is something I don't believe we've made before but it is very much like some other dishes we have done in the past. There are many different variations out there but for us tonight I included aged white cheddar cheese, shredded potatoes and some leftover ham that I browned before hand. A very hearty and filling meal that makes plenty for at least a couple lunches next week.

The fish taco recipe is posted below.


  1. Wow, both recipes look great! Are there recipes on the web anywhere?
    The casserole is making my mouth water. I think I'm joining w/ some coworkers to take turns bringing lunch for the group and this looks like something that would work well.

  2. that cookie looks like just the sort i would love! i love the black and white effect- is that powdered sugar?

  3. I love dishes like that. Looks fantastic...

    And I have a regular Christmas cookie similar to your crinkle; I make mine with mint chocolate chips. Bit hit, every year.

    And's never too early...I already know which cookies I'm going to make!

  4. JJsooner - thanks! I'll look around and see if they are posted already but if not I'll get them to you as soon as I can!

    Tanvi - We really liked how they cracked too, its from confectioners sugar

    Maureen - Thanks! That's pretty funny - it didnt exactly come out how we wanted but my mind would probably wander to dessert first too!

    Stephanie - Mint chips would go great in these cookies - I really like the chocolate/mint combo.

  5. you take really beautiful photos. how do you get such great closeups?

  6. those cookies look wonderful--i can darned near smell the warm, oozy chocolate from here...

  7. Thanks Kitchenmage!

    Joanna - I think a lot of the closeups come from the camera you use. We have a digital camera that has a large optical zoom rather than a digital zoom so its much clearer. I also think that the lighting and background really help make a difference in singling out specific items.

  8. As usual, your photos are fabulous. The cookies look awesome (If I made them my husband would follow me anywhere!!) and the farmer's casserole reminds me of a salami and egg dish my mom used to make when we were growing up.

    Thanks for sharing.