Sunday, August 14, 2005

Out and about...

Woke up early this morning and tried to get the massive grocery list finished. This upcoming week we have a lot of new recipes for us to play around with. As of now I think the total number is around 7 or 8 including main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. Whew! This should be a fun week!

We pretty much drink only water around the house but we have heard some good reviews of Hansen's soda. One of the local stores had a good sale so we picked up a few different kinds so we could try them out and see if they live up to the hype. They are in the fridge coolin' down as I write this!

We also picked up a Papaya which is a fruit we have never used before. I don't think we have ever tasted it. It will be used in a slaw-type side dish later in the week. Can't wait to see how that comes out!

Finally the monsoon season has started to settle down some and we get to reap the benefits of all the rain! The tree's start turning from yellow (sunburns!) to green and the flowers come back out! This is one of the bushes in front of our house - it gets so full with these little purple flowers!

Thanks to netflix the DVD for this evening is Mean Girls. Hitch last night was pretty good. A little too long but was still funny! Stay tuned this week and see if we manage to pull all these new recipes off.


  1. Your bushes are beautiful. Good luck on all your new recipes this week. I look forward to the reviews (and pictures).

  2. You'll love Hansen's. It's one of my favorites!

  3. Hansen's is OK. Not one of my ultimate faves...but it's OK.

    I much prefer Boylans

    And Papayas are great...messy...but yummy! They make great salsas...

  4. I agree on Hitch, a little long, but cute. I liked Mean Girls too. Seems like you guys veer toward the teeny-bopper flicks and romantic comedies - nice to have company!

  5. Yum...Papaya. Mean Girls was cute.

  6. We loved Mean Girls--even DH. Your bushes are beautiful; DH and I were commenting on all the vibrant blooms we saw today as we drove through our neighborhood, then down Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. to our favorite Asian restaurant--George & Sons.

  7. Wow--I'm impressed at the number of new recipes you try weekly. Someday....I'll be that good! I get stuck in a rut w/ old standbys too often.
    I've only had dried papaya--I love it and I bet the fresh is only better!

  8. I'm drinking Hansen's Strawberry Kiwi right now. I like it, but it does have a slight aftertaste.

    And I loved Mean Girls :).

  9. Hi,
    First time visitor here....just wanted to say although I plan to come back and read some more another time, I mainly looked at the pictures tonight. Your photography is really beautiful. Love the presentation on the food items! Good job! I'll be back!
    P.S. The first time I cut into a papaya I almost went into shock. It's full of little black seeds that look like BB's. When they started falling out I thought they were bugs be prepared.

  10. The hansen's line of sodas is pretty good! We tried the peach and creamy root beer. Better than I was expecting - a small after-taste but nothing like other's have!

    Thanks for coming to visit and the kind comments Val! LOL! Thanks for the warning about Papaya's! I will be prepared for that now - I wouldnt of expected that!

  11. Is is a ripe or unripe paypaya? it looks like it will be ripish to me? The paypaya you use in green paypaya salad is very green (the fleh will be green) if it is ripe it will be orange. It does make good salsa and work well with orange juice squeezed on top. You should try growing the seeds

  12. Okay, I have to on earth do you find the time to try so many new recipes, blog about them, AND watch a new movie every night!?! I need to learn some of your time management skills. ;) The bushes are beautiful, by the way.