Sunday, August 28, 2005

Looking ahead...

Woke up and got started on the grocery list for this week. The list seemed much longer than normal, but I think we just must be out of getting low on a few items. This next week has a good variety of things I plan on making. I have 5 new dinners planned out if everything goes well. Look to see what we do with this butternut squash on Thursday!

At safeway this morning, I surprised myself and the cashier when the register showed this.

Apparently we stumbled on a deal and they ended up paying us $1.53 to shop there today! First time that has ever happened to us! Some products ended up being free after using a coupon and they were running a deal that if you bought a certain number the store gave you money off as well. I could handle that happening more often!

DVD from Netflix tonight is the animated film Shark Tale.

Daily updates to continue so keep checking to see how this week turns out and find out what new items we make!

Wishing anyone in the path of Katrina to please try and stay safe!


  1. I don't even know what to say about that Safeway thing. It's awesome! I always did love the way they tell you what percent of your total you saved.

  2. Over here in Canada our largest grocery chain, Loblaws, has a points system. They give you a certain amount of points per dollar spent. Maybe once or twice a year I get to shave off $20 from my groceries. I love it.

  3. Cool, that the grocery store paid you to shop.

    I live in Canada and often shop at Loblaws, but don't know about the points syste. Obviously I'll have to check it out.

  4. We just watched Shark Tale earlier this week. It was cute. Even with no kids in the house, we enjoyed it. Happy viewing.

  5. Wow-great shopping! I need to learn how to plan to shop better so I can save more on groceries. I did do that at times in college.
    I look forward to seeing what new creations you make this week!

  6. But what was for dinner? :)

  7. LOL!
    They really gave you money? That is hilarious... no one would ever do that in Australia!

    You should make a thai red or green curry pumpkin soup with the butternut squash

  8. Thanks for the comments! The movie was okay - but I thought it coule have been better! We had grilled turkey-dogs for dinner! =)

    Clare - yeah they did! First time for everything... hee hee!

  9. WOW
    you should try to do that more often! HA!

  10. Nice Joe! It is so nice when consumer corporations 'out-smart' themselves. ; )