Sunday, August 07, 2005

Living Dangerously - New to us products for this week's menu

Grocery day today - we spent a good amount of the morning looking for the stuff we needed for this week. We have quite a few new dishes we will be making and we tracked all over finding everything. Shown below is a picture of the new goodies (term used very loosely as we will see if they are any good!) Light coconut milk, Bok Choy, Baked Tofu (oh my), Brie Cheese, and Brown rice syrup. Keep watch to see how we use these different ingredients this week - I hope the outcome of these dishes will be worth it!

Last night's movie was pretty good for being somewhat unknown! It had it's bad parts but overall I'm glad it was put in the queue. Tonight's selection from netflix will be The Last Samurai. This was put on the list before Mr. Cruise decided to open his mouth way too often about how he thinks people should live life. Oh well, let's hope we do not fall asleep or anything.

I'm pretty excitied about the menu for this week. It is stuffed with quite a few items that will expand how and what we might cook in the future!


  1. Sounds very Asian (except for the Brie..)! And also very tasty...all ingredient Matt loves.

  2. gotta love brie ;)
    try the washed rind next time, sure it smells but the taste is divine!

  3. I'm not so sure about ANY of this! :p

  4. If you need a recipe for the coconut milk, I have one ... a fantastically easy Chicken Satay (on my blog somewhere). :)

  5. Thanks sweetnicks! I was wondering what to do with the leftover milk - I will have to go find that recipe!

    Hi Maureen - Thanks! When we first moved here we did not know where anything was so we drove to the same stores you shopped at. Our first TJs visit was the one on FLW (how convenient that it was right next to The great indoors!) We also went to the same sams/costco! The stores there are in such close proximity it was nice. We live more to the west valley so we finally figured out the locations by us so we do not have to drive 15-20 mins each way to get groceries! Have you been to the new penzey's on Scottsdale yet? Its kinda out of the way for us but its better than waiting/paying for shipping!

    I will get the recipe posted for you tonight!

  6. Thanks Joe! No, I have not been to the new Penzey's yet. I stocked up from the catalogue right before it opened, so haven't needed anything yet. And I knew if I went "just to check it out" that I'd spend to much $$.
    also, forgot to tell you, I'm from MN as well. I know on the CL BB your name is HealthyinMN. I grew up in Faribault and went to college at St Catherines. How about you? What brought you out to Phoenix?

  7. I grew up in Glenville - just south of Albert Lea! I moved up to Minneapolis and worked for Honeywell for sometime until the merger with AlliedSignal.

    The heat brought us to phoenix - all we shovel now is sunshine. I can handle that!