Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cookie monster alert...

These cookies caught my eye while I was flipping through a cookie book, as it seemed like an unusual combination of ingredients. Cornmeal Maple Walnut Twists can be described as being crunchy yet somewhat chewy and almost slightly sticky while you eat them. A sweet coating of confectioners' sugar gives a nice powdery snow-like finish. I have used cornmeal before in baking but I don't think I have used it in cookies and the texture with these is very good! The author used pecans originally, but I don't always have them on hand so I used walnuts instead.

So let's get into dinner...

Tofu is something I never thought we would ever use. Until we tried it for the first time, I was pretty turned off by the look of it. When we found out it was not all that bad, we could actually use it and like it, I have been looking for recipes with tofu as a predominate ingredient.

Lasagna Rolls are something we have had before, but it always included some sort of meat. When I found this specific recipe I set it aside and thought "yeah if I ever get around to it..." Since I decided we needed to give tofu another try I bought some at Trader Joes this week for this recipe. This turned out to be a great vegetarian meal for us. Tender al dente lasagna noodles wrapped around a filling of tofu, spinach, cheese and garlic. I found this to be very filling, serving a simple green salad along side. This did make quite a bit, but I'm really looking forward to having this for lunch tomorrow.



  1. You are so lucky to live where there's a Trader Joes. I enjoy checking to see what you're cooking.

  2. Great blog! Nice to run into another Arizona foodie.

  3. Hi Joe! :-)

    Someday I will get to see what is so wonderful about Trader Joe's...I'm very curious about that lasagna. We are not tofu people either, but I may have to give that a second look.

  4. I'm not sure that I could ever convince my husband to give tofu a shot- even if it were covered in tomato sauce, pasta, and gooey mozzarella.

  5. Kalyn - Thanks for coming over to the site!

    Michele - Thanks, I have not found many food blogs in our area!

    Erika - I hope you give it a try. We are slowly converting and liking it!

    s'kat - I know what you mean.... that's why I don't usually say what is in stuff until most of it is eaten. Hee hee!