Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So many cranberries, so little time....

The cookie report is in.... The tassies that we made yesterday went over well with the office mates. I think these will definetly be added to our holiday gifts this year!

We have made a tabbouleh dish before that we liked so I figured we would give it another go. I like working with bulgur as it is pretty fool proof and can be set aside while you are working on other things. Cranberry Walnut Tabbouleh originally called for dried cranberries, but since we still had some fresh in the fridge I decided to use them up. I chopped them in the food processor (so easy!) and this gave the dish a slight pink color. I was afraid that it might make the dish too tart but I think with the rest of the ingredients the flavors all mixed well and it fit right in. If you can find it, definetly use walnut oil as it boosts the nutty flavor. Lemon juice gives this a fresh taste and the small amount of mint lends a cool flavor.

Having the above as a side, I made Pork Chops with Apricot-Tomato Chutney for the main part of the meal. Searing the pork and then baking helps ensure that the inside is very tender and juicy. A thick chutney is served on top, made from fire-roasted tomatoes and dried apricots. The apricots plump up a little from the juice in the tomatoes and the heat from crushed red pepper add to the unique taste.


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  1. I love that Cranberry Walnut Taboulleh - thanks for the reminder!