Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mile high pancakes

This morning I was in the mood for pancakes and turned to a favorite recipe that I've made in the past. I love these as they make plenty and the leftovers toast up so well in a toaster oven or even a toaster. Very simple to make, light and very filling!

11 recipes this week, 10 being new and 1 (the pancakes) being one that we've made before. Tonight for dinner is our normal saturday chicken salads.

Our DVD from netflix tonight will be Guess who with Bernic Mac and Ashton Kutcher. After the movie I plan to get out the stack of untried recipes (I should get a picture!) and search through to see what the menu for next week will be. I hope to keep the fall theme going but we shall see. Stay tuned!



  1. I have one word for that.
    I think tonight might have to be a breakfast dinner.
    Let me know how Guess Who is, I'd been meaning to rent that.

  2. I was going to rent "Born Into Brothels" but Todd thought it sounded too depressing. Maybe I should have suggested "Guess Who?".

  3. Nice stack, Joe. I have some new pancakes that I really should put up myself...

  4. That is so awesome. Damn. I hope to see a stack of pancakes like that in real life someday.

  5. ooh pancakes!
    Perfect for monday of long weekend breakfasts ;) he he he eh

  6. Thanks Mona - The movie was pretty good - worth a rental!

    Anna - Have not heard of that one.

    Nic - Thanks! Can't wait to see your new pics!

    Robyn - Thank you!

    Clare - They were good! I could eat pancakes anytime of the day :)

  7. Those pancakes do look spectacular. Great shot - makes my mouth water just looking at it.