Saturday, October 08, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging 18

It's that time again when food bloggers from all over the world show off their kitty friends. Clare over at Eat Stuff usually hosts this, but I think this weekend Farmgirl Fare has taken over the duties.

If we can't find Miss Kitty, then this is the one place she is sure to be. She took this spot over almost a year ago and we caught her red handed waking up from one of her many naps. Look at her eyes, I think she had a little too much cat nip this morning...

On to the week in review... We made 10 new recipes this week, but I think the standouts for us were the Pumpkin Doughnuts and Apple Cinnamon Chip Granola Squares. Since it is Saturday, chicken salads as normal for dinner tonight. We will be having the apple version since we have plenty of them leftover.

DVD selection for us from Netflix tonight will be Fahrenheit 9/11. I was not sure that I was ready to watch this but it popped up in our queue and figured we might as well see what all the talk was about. I will be going through and searching the cookbooks and recipe stacks to see what will be on the upcoming menu after the movie. Stay tuned to see what we can come up with for new ones this week!


  1. Hi Joe,
    Oh, Miss Kitty is absolutely gorgeous. And those eyes today. . . : )

    Yep, the farmcats and I are helping out Clare and Kiri this weekend with Weekend Cat Blogging since they are busy moving into a new house. I have all the links to the kitties who are playing this week up at Farmgirl Fare. Thanks for mentioning us.

    P.S. And on a totally different subject, I know you asked for feedback about your new look, etc. (which I love). One thing I have noticed, even with the old layout, is that it seems to take a really, really long time for the comments window to open up. Sometimes it never opens all the way up. I don't know if it's because you have it set up to open a new window or what. I just know that several times I've wanted to leave comments but couldn't. Thought I'd let you know.

    And now onto drooling over a few of your delicious posts. : )

  2. Love the kitty picture - and yes, great eyes.

    For what it's worth - I have no problem with the comments opening.

    I love Netflix! I got a movie for my son when he was sick from the video store (the video store is still great when you need something last minute) - forgot to return it and it was 4 days overdue! That's how Netflix spoils you, I guess.

  3. Kitty has good taste! Don't forget WDB #4!

  4. Hi Joe! Beautiful cat! Have a great weekend.

  5. oooo, Ms. Kitty has expensive taste, maybe she is dreaming of her own Bill Blass outfit?

  6. Farmgirl - Thanks for the great job with the kitty round up! Thank you for letting me know about the comment thing - I'm not sure what's wrong there as that is a blogger tool. I changed it to no longer open up a pop up so I hope that helps! Thanks for coming to see us!

    Alysha - Thanks! Netflix does spoil us way to much!

    Sweetnicks - thanks! Sent off our entry

    Michelle - Thanks, you too!

    Boo - hee hee, no doubt she is! I wonder how much they charge for a kitty outfit?!

    Thanks Cin!

    Paz - Thanks for coming to see us!

  7. Hi Joe,
    Miss Kitty is wonderful looking and, oh my, what superb eyes she has!!!

  8. Rosa,

    Miss Kitty says "Meow, thank you!"