Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Egg-Cellent Casserole

We tend to go through a lot of eggs so we frequently buy the big 5 dozen packages from Costco. I was looking for a recipe to use up some of them for dinner tonight and came accross this casserole recipe. I was intrigued reading through the ingredients and saw how it used a stuffing mix instead of cubed bread.

Cheesy Sausage Casserole is an eggy comforting dinner or it could also be a great dish to serve during a brunch. The texture of the eggs take on an almost creamy consistency against the crusty stuffing mix. I used hot turkey sausage as that is what we had in the freezer. While I wouldn't call it hot, it did bring a nice background of heat.

Cheesy Sausage Casserole
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  1. I love egg casseroles. I haven't ever made one, but I sure like to eat the ones other people make. Yours looks great.

  2. I thought I had lost interest in casseroles....until now. I must say this looks good. I think I have my dinner plans for tonight!

    Thanks Joe!

  3. Punky and Andrea -

    Thanks! It was pretty easy and most of the time is just spent in the oven! Having some of the leftovers for lunch today.

  4. I often make a strata for brunch - same sort of deal, except you use two layers of sliced bread instead of cubes (or, in this case, stuffing mix). There's lots of opportunities to customize it with the ingredients and herbs of choice.

    By the way, Joe - I've tagged you for the 5 Childhood Memories of Food meme, if you'd like to play!

  5. Oh man, that looks amazing. Cheese, sausage, and bread, oh my! It does NOT get any better than that. Wanna trade macncheese leftovers for those leftovers?

  6. I don't really like eggs, but this one sounds really good. Maybe I can try it put the yum back in breakfast again! Oatmeal is getting a little old now! Have and excellent day!

  7. Hi Dawna - Thanks - I will try to get around to the meme - not sure when though!

    Mona - The leftovers reheated so well! I like mac 'n cheese too!

    Michelle - Hope you get a chance to try it, it was really good!